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Apollo: Big bet… the anti-Warda

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No one is irreplaceable, but a difficult task…

Απολλων: Μεγα στοΙχημα… ο αντι -Ουαρντα

The expected, based on the latest information, happened with Amr Ward at Apollo, with the Egyptian officially a thing of the past. It may have taken the 29-year-old winger a few weeks to deliver as expected, but when he did (after the arrival of Antone) he proved once again what a quality footballer he is.

In a total of 19 appearances with the Limassol team, he scored four goals and the same number of assists, with his contribution to the counter-attack made for an exit to Europe being decisive. Forming a very good duo with the first scorer of the “blue-whites” (and the championship), Ioannis Pitta…among other things, he raised the level of the “painful” offensive line in the early stages of the year. There is no question that the Cypriot forward is the most valuable player of last year's champions, but undoubtedly the acquisition of the former international winger “pushed” him to even better performances.

Απολλων: Μεγα στοΙχημ α… ο αντι-Ουαρντα

Of course, in addition to the help he gave up front, he is also credited with the fact that with his talent he managed to raise the level of Apollon in general, even “shouting” a thunderous “present” in the big games. In short, with his quality, runs and experience he has been an invaluable cog in Bogdan Antone's hands this term. However, it is important to add to all the above that in order to see his good version… the presence of the Romanian coach on the bench played a decisive role. The 48-year-old coach is credited with getting one hundred percent from a footballer who has proven that he is capable of both the best and the worst.

Consequently, competitively speaking at least, the gap he leaves is certainly very large. big and the people of the Limassol association know very well that his replacement must be… a first-class choice for the Cypriot data. It is clearly not an easy task to replace such a quality footballer on our island, however there is plenty of time to make the best possible choice. The bet is big for Antone and Papaioannou and it remains to be seen who will be the “chosen one” to take the Egyptian's place.

Απoλλων: ΜΕγα στοΙχημα… ο αντι-Ουαρντα

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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