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Apollo: Hope… for an upgrade

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Perez's perspective, in relation to his predecessors

Απoλλων: Ελπiδα… για upgrade

The other day we wrote about how important it is for Apollo to be able to replace key players from last year's roster, such as Aleksandar Jovanovic, Valentin Roberges and Amr Warda, with Ioannis Pitta having his own chances to leave as well. It is clearly and troubling that after a mediocre season some of the few who stood out are leaving, but as much as it is important that they come equal or even better than them, so much more… it is to sign footballers who will be a step higher than the rest who they were not right!

This category undoubtedly also includes Eliel Peretz, who came down to our island on behalf of the “blue and white” with the prospect of helping to create phases. If it is a position in which the Limassol team had a serious problem in the previous season… it concerns without a second debate that of the footballer who connected the axis with the attack. We are essentially referring to the creation of phases from the center.

Focusing on what we saw mainly from the teams of David Katalas and Constantinos Makridis, Apollonas played both as a staff midfielder and as a second striker. The rule in both cases was the one that wanted the “blue and white” to find it difficult to pass the ball to the promoted (in most cases) Ioannis Pitta.

The role of the ten (due to the fact that Perez counts few innings as a second striker) we saw, among others, Erwin Ogeda and Basel Zradi take over, who even if they showed good figures in the championship year… last year they were below expectations. Ido Sahar and Ilian Iliev also competed in the same position, but they are two completely different cases. The former was selected in several positions last year, leaving a positive mark, while the latter got opportunities mainly against Bogdan Antone.

Returning now to the 26-year-old midfielder, although it will be the first time he will compete on our island, reports from abroad they “photograph” a player who is very capable of creating phases and who is intended to be the connecting link between axis and attack. He seems to possess the vertical pass, at the same time that he has a fairly good relationship with the opposing networks (28 goals and 24 assists according to transfermarkt). » one of the main weaknesses of last year's Apollon is quite good, but the mirror for everyone is the stadium… and that's where the now former Hapoel Haifa footballer will be judged. Hope in the Limassol team that this particular transfer will prove to be an upgrade, in relation to what (mainly) Ogeda and Zradi did last season.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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