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Apollo: Pivot… and attack

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Απλων: σοναε ;πiθεση

Adrian Goula's Apollo began to be “built” from the defense, which is completely logical. The first additions concern Celestin, Vouro and Barahona, with the first two intended for the stoppers and the second for the right end of the defense.

Based on the initial transfer plan, one more central defender will be acquired, however logic says that in the near future efforts will be intensified to acquire players who will compete from the center and forward. As it turns out, three midfielders will be acquired, at least two wingers, but also one or two forwards.

We make it clear that the midfielders will not be destined for the same position, since reinforcement is needed both defensively and organizationally. Peretz is out of the picture, with Hambo, Spoliaric and Kohl the options at the moment.

Απoλων: σοφor σονα… κα&iota ; επiθεση

On the wings of the attack, given that it will be a surprise if Iliev and Donio stay on the roster, the only options are Sagal and Pontikos. At the top is of course the choice of Marquez, who will need to be flanked by at least one more forward.

Krmenczyk is not counted, however, due to the fact that there is no interest from other teams (unlike Donio , Iliev and Peretz) his case is not simple. Therefore, his departure or not will clarify the number of centre-forwards to be signed.

Απoλλων: Στροφ σεξοκαιεση /></p>
<p>The gaps in the A list are quite a lot (ten plus the four that are out of plans and not counting the new acquisitions), which allows for quite a bit of reinforcement. At the same time, both Cypriots and B-list footballers are not indifferent, with the selection of Barahona being the best possible example.</p>
<p>*So far we have not had any announcement, but since the moment is approaching the month that the preparation will start… you realize that it is only a matter of time before we have mass signings.</p>
<p>**An important condition is the formalization of the departure of Pablo Machin and it remains to be seen whether the report in Saudi Arabia is true . </p>
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