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Apollo: Preparation in the homeland… of Gula

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Same place as last year

Απολλων: ΠροετοιμασΙα στην πα τρiδα... του Γκοyλα /></p>
<p><strong>The die was cast for Apollo regarding the place where the summer training will take place. Essentially, the choices made are the same as last year, with the “blue and white” being satisfied with the conditions they saw a year ago.</strong></p>
<p>More specifically, in July the football players of Limassiana team will pass ergometric tests to follow the first part of the preparation in Platres. After the mountains of Cyprus… technical team, players and not only will leave for Slovakia, where the main stage of preparation will take place. Essentially, the sports center “X-BIONIC” has been re-selected.</p>
<p>This particular center is located thirty minutes from Bratislava and one hour from Vienna, while since 2016 it has been the Olympic center of Slovakia. At the same time, it offers everything a professional athlete needs (and not only), including top-level facilities.</p>
<p>The Apollo team is expected to stay in Adrian Goula's homeland until the end of July, where it will play friendly games. There, the new coach of the Limassol team will have the opportunity to evaluate his roster, certainly drawing important conclusions ahead of the upcoming season. </p>
<p><strong>The main facilities offered by “X-BIONIC” according to the official update:</strong></p>
<p><p><img class=Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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