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Apollo: The answers… and the questions

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This year's Apollo looks like a book whose chapters make you wiser

Απολλων: Οι απαντorσεις… κ αι οι ερωτorσεις

I would give you a preface of the type… “Apollo is a group of extremes”, with attitudes or values ​​that are chaotically far from one another, but it doesn't take much. the current course of the team, from where it started until it arrived, he will find out after ease.

Don't sit down and write to you, just remember the uncertainty that existed against Bogdan and the complete confidence that now exists for Milojevic .

Think of the management that in the summer was plagued with questions of the type “Atos or not Antos” and the management that hastened to bring in players, even the main ones, strengthening the team.

Think of the attack with Krmenchik and Diggini and compare it with that of Marches and Costace. The team with Andos or the Dutch “angel”.

In general, think about the transition from the insecurity that prompted people to ask for reinforcements in the summer, to the optimism that now exists under Professor Milojevic.


Extreme scenarios, which fully reflect the reality of the team so far.

But which team is always accompanied by such extremes.

Milogevic came, he messed up two things, players emerged like Marques and Costatse, he won important matches like those with Aris and AEL, he threw a Karavidas four and from where we are and who we are, the triumphs and assessments that bring Apollon to be the first favorite began!!!

Along with the excitement and publications that deify units like Marques are Pesirovic and Perez Milenko. In other words, we went from one extreme to the other, continuing the culture of extremes that is so intertwined with that of the group.

Forgive me, as a “foreign scholar”, I have never embraced the views of the world. , nor the guidance of the “mechanism”, nor publications that more or less go along with the whole climate.

Especially and exclusively for Apollo, I choose to be restrained, which is extremely difficult, in all respects. And why the point of view is completely different from the majority and why in the end you are not liked for what you write.

Anyway, in this year's Apollo, my main axis of guidance remains exclusively Milojevic precisely because of the seriousness that emanates from his professional entity.

The Serb does look like a reformer, he does lead the team seriously and above all he has really given a lot of answers about how he thinks or envisions the team he works with. the Dutch goalkeeper, established the Dioskouri in the midfield, tends to stabilize his wings, found a striker, is somehow looking for how to fill the void of Valbuena, whose participation he also regulated, answering one of the main questions that arose through the summer.

All this and much more, was by no means self-evident for Apollon, if you take into account how the team entered the championship and how it has been shaped under Milojevic.

The team carried a lot of question marks, some of which with the guidance of the Serb have received answers.

Some remain unanswered and may be answered very soon, precisely because the team until November has a lot of home and away derbies

It goes without saying that part of the answer to the basic question of whether Apollon can win the title will be given at the end of November, when the team will have already played three home matches against Paphos, Anorthosis and AEK and one away against Omonia.

< p>Through this series of games, one more key question related to what we call a title run may be answered.

Does or not, in terms of quality and depth, have that roster that will make history?< /p>

So far in live material, it is generally accepted that players like Krmenczyk, Hussain, Sielvik or even Tekier have yet to prove themselves.

In addition, one wonders how the team can replace players who at the moment seem unique and necessary.

I don't need to analyze the importance of players like Ekpolo, Hambos, Marques and even Valbuena, but everyone who follows the team recognize that these are seemingly irreplaceable units.

In my view, the next month and a half is decisive in terms of answering two key questions.

To what extent can the team is going for a title and if his roster is the one that will shape such a course.

Questions, how Milojevic will manage the difficult moments that will arise during the year, how resistant the team will be against the pressure what her people will put themselves or how serious and grounded the administration will remain until the end, will be answered with the end of time.

Questions with the sack, if we have to ask. After all, the Serb is a professor, his job is to give answers.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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