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Apollo: The average age is falling

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Απολλων: ΠΕφτει ο μΕσος ορος ηλικΙ&alpha ;ς

In a “facelift” they proceed to Apollon, which for the second summer in a row will have many additions and subtractions. Of course, the goal is to build a much more competitive team, which will not only have a present, but also a future. Adrian Gula was also chosen for this reason. A coach experienced from championships, but also in working with young players.

So one of the things that the Slovakian coach asked for is how to lower the average age. A typical example is that of the thirteen who left, six of them are over 32 (including obviously the player, Valbuena), one is in his 31st year and two of them are 29 years old.

At the same time, only five of those left are over thirty. The reason for Leuvenberg (30), Santos (31), Sagal (31), Kohl (he will be 31 in July) and Krmenczyk (31), who, however, will hardly stay on the roster.

The above intention can be seen from the two additions made, with Vouros being 29 years old and Celestine 26 years old. The goal was to find at least one stopper who has a lot of experience, but who is also athletic (fast, with a lot of endurance, etc.)… with the former leader of OFI meeting all the criteria!

We are not saying that there won't be any move involving a footballer over thirty, but given the objective is to produce quality reinforcement, focusing on younger players. Transfers are also expected to be made for the B roster, something that was missing last year. Mr. Goula demands energy and speed from his team and therefore wants to work with younger players, always compared to what was the case last season in the Limassol team. 

However, this specific decision cannot be characterized as wrong, since each coach has his own approach. It is certainly important to have experience and quality, something that cannot be said to be completely absent, since the roster still includes players such as Hambos, Santos, Lewenberg and Sagal, among others.

After all, the results it is whether or not Mr. Gula will be vindicated…

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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