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Apollo: The four domino stones

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Even though it is still December, we are “forced” to think about the January vaccination from now on…

Απολλων: Οι τεσσερισ πετ ρες του «ντoμινο»

Consecutive defeats dropped Apollon, who enjoyed the solitude of the top a month ago, to eighth place. It goes without saying that after Anorthosis' double in “Alfamega” the climate in the Limassol team has deteriorated even more, with Vladan Milojevic being the one who is called upon to find the solutions.

Among other things, we could say that the defeats by Paphos, Omonia, AEK and Anorthosis are like dominoes, where when you drop one stone… the next ones follow. We say this because in the first three matches the “blue and white” were clearly affected by the suspensions of Vladan Milojevic and Hambo Kyriakos.

Of course, these were not the only reasons that brought the defeats, since as it turned out, other things also played a role. One is the psychological part and another is the injury of Peppers with Omonia. The French stopper does not have the quality of Roberge (for example), but he is clearly an important unit in the roster and his absence to some extent played quite a role in the defensive oligarchy observed.

Απoλλων: Οι τσσ&epsilon

Regarding the derby with Anorthosis, the truth is that yes, this match was two weeks away, a time in which a lot could be done, but nothing changed. With the exception of the return of the coach and captain, there was no change in the plan, which was a continuation of the previous three games.

The defense continued to be error-prone, while creatively imagination and energy were once again lacking resulting in just five finals in 90 minutes, one of which was on target. Yes, the Limassol team had some good moments this month, but in none of the cases were they the required ones.

However, there are no excuses, since either the issue is now psychological or you want us to focus on the absences, or anywhere else… the bottom line is that the climate must change immediately.

Απoλλων: Οι τσ&epsilon

In addition to the analysis, important conclusions emerge from the above domino, such as, for example, the lack of personality. The specific issue was overemphasized by the Serbian coach, wanting to shake up his players and it is a fact that no one came forward in the last month.

We do not think that Valbuena is the only one who can lead, because he is he is by far the biggest personality in Kolossi (and not only), but there are demonstrably other players who can lead, with Hambo being the most typical example. His absence was crucial, but now that he's back he's called upon to return to the performances he was used to in the early stages of the year.

Απoλλων: Οι τσσ&epsilon

The other issue that exists is undoubtedly that of quality. New roster, over twenty additions and removals and it was normal for all of them to take their time to bond.

After twelve matches, however, we are able to say that the reinforcement was not the best possible. In other words, it is not possible to have such a big gap when Peppers is absent, at the same time that Krmenczyk has not been able to help in scoring at all. In addition, as one would expect, the delay in framing important positions, such as the wings of the attack, has also cost, with Varga (recent acquisition) still lagging behind in fitness.

Απoλλων: Οι τσ&epsilon

Vladan Milojevic is also undoubtedly responsible, who, among other things, insists on the same, without giving opportunities to players who might deserve them (if they don't play, we won't know). Sielwick was acquired with large scrolls and struggled little (injury came along the way), while all this talk about the Mouse is just a coincidence. For a month now, the extreme attackers have been unable to make a difference and the developing player has not played a single minute.

He can still experiment in the positions as well, since versatile players, such as Abdurahimi, have been acquired. Obviously, so far he has not been able to use him on the right wing of the attack and maybe if he plays behind the forward or even as a central striker he will be able to give more things.

Of course the boss is different and that he knows best, but there is no question that differences need to be made for the good of the team. We consider that there is a prospect for better performances (we don't forget the match with Aris), but even so we conclude that even though December has yet to come, the domino of Paphos, Omonia, AEK and Anorthosis “forces” us to think about vaccination in January from now.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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