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Apollo: White towel… he didn't throw

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An attempt to analyze the transcriptions of the Lemesian group

Απολλων: Λευκor πετσΕτα… δεν Ερ&iota ;ξε

The maximum number of transfers he had the right to make was made by Apollon, who in the month he just left us signed four players and said goodbye to six others. We remind you that Amr Warda, Gotsui Donio, Ejaz Hussain and Gotswill Ekpolo were acquired, while Ervin Ogeda, Euclid Cabral, Revaz Injia, Rethio, Dimitris Pinakas and Giorgos Malekkidis, who was loaned for half a year to New Salamina, left. Additionally, the hapless Vukasin Jovanovic has been removed from the A list as he misses the year.

At a first glance, the first conclusion that comes out is that the “blue and white” did not throw in the towel and were not deterred by the fact that the season is not going well for them. Instead, they tried to strengthen themselves with footballers who are at a good age (30-year-old Hussain being the oldest) and who have both European and league experience.

Απoλλων: Λευκor πετσ ετα… δεν εριξε

Additionally, with the exception of Ward, who signed a contract until the end of the season, the other three agreed to one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half year deals. Which shows that an effort was made to bring in players who at least have the perspective so that the team of the next few years can be “built” on them.

Regarding their competitive qualities, it is a fact that emphasis was placed on improving the offensive development of last year's champions. An absolutely normal decision, since this is the area that this year is their biggest weakness.

There is not much to say about the Egyptian, because in reality it is not a simple transfer, but a move that ( rightly so) was originally characterized as “bam”. He just handed out his first assist in the previous match and although he hasn't scored a goal so far, he has managed to improve Apollo's offensive image to a certain extent.

Απoλλων: Λευκor π ετσετα… δεν εριξε

Donio is earmarked for the top of the attack, while Hussain has been brought in to take on an organizational role in the axis, with early recommendations calling for players who are quite capable of passing and in creating phases.

Απoλλων: Λευκor π ετσετα… δεν εριξε

As for the latest temporary transfer acquisition… even if Ekpolo counts several participations as a stopper, in his new team he is intended as a right back. It is a fact that the Limassol team needed an upgrade in this position, however with the existing data it seemed more important to make a move for a thoroughbred central defender.

The reason has to do with the fact that in the right back position there are Haris Mavrias and Filiotis (who is on a good moon). At the same time and without counting Hambos and Haitham Alesami, who can under certain conditions play as a stopper, the options are Valentin Roberges, Mathieu Peiburns and Panagiotis Artymatas. The Cypriot defender has so far not received many opportunities from his new coach, as a result of which he is lagging behind in game pace, while Peppers has so far failed to live up to expectations. Therefore, in case Roberge is absent for any reason, things in the center of the defense will not be easy.

Απoλλων: Λευκor πετστα… δ&epsilon ;ν εριξε

Nevertheless, as we mentioned above, from the management of the Limassol team it is clear that during the January transfer window… they fought it so as to close important gaps that appeared on the roster, with the aim of closing this year as well as possible, but also looking at the future. So if the moves made live up to expectations, it will be seen in the next period.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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