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Apollon: At 1.8 the loss… 14 million debt

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Απoλλων: Στα 1.8 η ζημιà… χρeος 14 εκατομμύρια

As foreseen by the UEFA Criteria, KOP has published the financial statements of the teams participating in the A' Division Championship for the year 2022 as well as the money they paid to mediators (agents fees) .

As for Apollo, the “blue and white” closed 2022 with a loss of 1.8 million. As can be seen from the financial statements made public by KOP, the Limassol team's debt increased by about 500 thousand compared to last year.

Now Apollo's debts until the last day of last year year they amount to 14,018,460.

Απ λλων: Στα 1.8 η ζημιa… χρeος 14 εκατομ&mu ;yρια

&Alpha ;πoλλων: Στα 1.8 η ζημιà… χρeος 14 εκατο μμyρι&alpha?

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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