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Apollon: “Drying off” for posterity

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They are preparing for the next moves of Antone and Papaioannou

Απολλων: «Ξεψαχνισμα» για το υς επoμενους

Processes for the next transfer additions are taking place in the Apollo camp, with Makis Papaioannou and Bogodan Antone “searching” the market for further strengthening of the team.

So far Adonis, Krmencik, Abdurahimi, Peretz, Sielvik, Darikva and Andos have been acquired, with the transfer plan providing for the acquisition of at least four more footballers.

The Limassol team will move to acquire two extreme forwards and a left back. The plan also foresees the acquisition of a goalkeeper who will flank Dimitriou and Antos.

The managers of Apollon are examining various noteworthy cases of footballers, without being in a particular hurry to close the last outstanding issues. The “blue and white” want to continue with the same philosophy they had in the previous additions, so as to bring to Kolossi players with perspective and quality.

Mr. Papaioannou presents to Bogdan Antone the analysis of prospective transfer targets with based on the specifications set by the Romanian coach, with the final say on who will be acquired belonging to the coach of Apollo.

Makis Papaioannou and Bogdan Antone have an excellent partnership in terms of programming. The new Apollo that is being “built” will bear the stamp of the two men who work methodically with the aim of creating a strong whole.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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