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Apollon: Mathieu who was missing… to be present in Limassol

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Commentary on the defensive approach and the selection that impressed

Απολλων: Ο ΜατιΕ που Ελειψ… ν ;α εiναι παρoν στη Λεμεσo

Everything in Limassol will be decided in terms of qualifying for the cup final. Even if Apollo lost 2-1 against Paphos, the “blue and white” will have the opportunity to claim at home their participation in the game that will decide the trophy.

Surely a defeat cannot it leaves a pleasant aftertaste, but since nothing was judged, you realize that the massive presence of the people in the “Alfamega Stadium” (which is expected to happen) … is now judged as terribly important.

Regarding Pablo Macin's competitive approach to Stelios Kyriakides, the Spaniard went into the game with a conservative plan. In the starting line-up there were nine defensive players (five of them extreme defenders), with Peretz and Marques being the only exceptions. The Iberian coach realized the quality differences with Juan Carcedo's group and did not want to take any risks, since he knew that the replay was coming. A decision which, if nothing else, is considered understandable, since Paphos' attackers certainly need special attention.

In fact, his plan worked to a significant extent, as even if Lewenberg's goal was breached twice, the goals of Pepe and Dimitriou were the only times that Paphos recorded a final goal. In fact, the areas were closed so well that the opponent was “forced” to seriously threaten only with shots from outside the area.

Απoλλων: Ο Ματι που eλειψε… να εiναι παρoν στη Λε&mu εσo

Beyond that, we can't help but dwell on the fact that Mathieu Valbuena watched the whole match from the bench. Mr. Matsin stated in the Press Conference that it was considered better for others to play, but again, for the French ace not to play in such a crucial match… is very impressive.

The experienced midfielder is undoubtedly the mvp of his team, giving valuable assists this year and we believe that with his quality, but also his experience… he had a place in the starting line-up, no matter how defensive the approach was. As well as being the main point of attack, the one-time international footballer in every match (important or not) shows great passion for what he does, while constantly being a source of danger through set-pieces (which was missing tonight).

Furthermore, it would be unfair to say that due to his advanced age he is static, since there are several times when we saw him running into the defense to help out.

Regarding him unfortunate and at the same time Apollo's top performer in the first part, Giorgos Malekkidis, we wish him a speedy recovery. As we wrote above, everything will be decided in the replay, where the approach will need to be different, with the need for Valbuena to play without further analysis.

Απoλλων: Ο Ματιπο υ eλειψε… να εiναι παρoν στη Λεμε&sigma o

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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