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Apostolos Lytras was handed over to the Police

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He was handed over to the Pallini Police Department following the arrest warrant issued against him by the criminologist Apostolos Lytras.

Mr. Lytras after the surrender and following his arrest, he is expected to be remanded in custody.

The criminologist voluntarily presented himself at the Pallini Police Department and is expected to be brought before the prosecutor tomorrow.

Earlier, the judicial authorities proceeded to issue an arrest warrant for the lawyer after the restrictive conditions imposed on him were lifted for the brutal beating of the wife of Sofia Polyzogopoulos.

The 37-year-old lawyer through her lawyer Themis Sofou informed the investigator about what happened Tuesday night at her home. After his apology for beating his wife, an investigator and a prosecutor had imposed restrictive conditions on Apostolos Lytras and had released him.

The restrictive conditions violated were a mandatory relocation from their shared home in Gerakas, a ban on approaching or threatening the victim in any way, and an obligation to attend a special treatment program to prevent him from repeating his violent behavior.

Lawyer Lytra: He did not violate the restrictive conditions
The Police were looking for the lawyer in order to arrest him in the context of the autoforos, after the lawsuit filed by his wife against both him and his ex-wife.

However, according to statements by his lawyer, Petros Pantazis, Lytras, did not violate the restrictive conditions and intends to present himself at the Pallini Police Station.

The man wanted to take some things from his house. There was communication with the patient, not by Mr. Lytra, in order for his daughter to go with her mother to pick up some things,” said Mr. Pantazis. and added: “There was a text message and when they got there the panic button was activated for an unknown reason and later a lawsuit was filed. I don't understand why all this is happening. No threatening message has been sent. No message, A message may have been sent by a colleague in his office but not by Mr. Lytra. He has not violated any restrictive covenants. I don't understand why this case file was made. Obviously there was a pre-arrangement. If something has been shared, it has been done between those who were at home”.

Mr. Pantazis also said that he still does not have a lawsuit in his hands and that he will go to trial. “If he is wanted by the police, he will give his explanations. What is important is that there is no violation of the restraining order”.

The well-known criminologist in his apology to the 18th interrogator apologized for his act and stated that the excuse that he had fallen down the stairs was an idea of his wife.

“On Saturday night we went to a restaurant in Vouliagmeni with a group of friends. All the way we were fine and talking about family matters. At the restaurant as I got up to go to her I saw that she was sending messages somewhere. I took her cell phone and asked her to give me the code so I could find out where she was sending these messages because I was jealous. She refused and I asked her to leave”

The well-known criminologist admits that he hit her, but claims that he had no intention of harming her. “When we got into the car we started arguing and since I was driving with my right hand I obviously hit her in the face without knowing the spot and without having the slightest intention of causing her any harm” he said in his apology.

The same holds true for subsequent hits. “A few meters down there was an opening in the road where I stopped to talk. Another car came up behind me so I continued driving while the verbal altercation continued. I hit her with my right hand from the driver's seat and she hit the passenger seat, without intending to cause her any harm. And she knows that I had no such intention. We went home and we both said to go to the hospital as a precaution” the criminologist mentioned in his apology as well.

The defendant then described how there was a “great tension” and claims that on his own initiative they went to the Euroclinic. “When we left the house she said 'I'm not going to say anything about what happened' and I told her I would take responsibility. When we arrived at the Euroclinic, my wife in the room I was with told me to say that I fell down the stairs. In fact, my wife and I testified first after about two and a half hours. During this time he told me on the phone that he testified that he fell down the stairs and that I was not present. he said, apologizing to the interrogator.

He also stated that the hit on my wife's face was actually made by the extension of my right hand instinctively and impulsively, because we are at a distance of about 40 centimeters. I estimate that the hits with my right hand were two or three”.

In fact, he emphasizes that when he testified his wife was already a prisoner and had nothing to fear. “In fact on the phone she mentioned to me that she was asked by the police if she wanted a panic button she just shook her head and it was assumed by the police that she wanted the panic button. Prof’ throughout my detention, I am in constant communication with my wife both by phone and through messages” the accused pointed out and concluded that he was informed of the change in her statement by herself on Sunday, June 16 at 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon. “He gave me two reasons. Firstly, that on the internet they write everywhere that “it covers me” and secondly, he told me that he is doing it for our three daughters,” he said in his apology.

“Something bad may have happened to Apostolos Lytras”, says the representative of the Hellenic Party. in MEGA around his disappearance.

Mr. Lytras is wanted in the context of the autoforos, after the complaint of the wife of Sofia Polyzogopoulos about an invasion of her home last night.

Despite the assurances of his lawyers that he will present himself to the authorities, the criminologist remains missing.

“Something has happened to this man and he does not respond to both the calls and the search of the police in various places. Why’ this is what I say again, let's not rush ahead”, Mrs. Dimoglidou stressed, among others, to Mega.

Criminal prosecution in the degree of misdemeanor against the ex-wife of Apostolos Lytras
Criminal prosecution in the degree of misdemeanor for disturbing domestic peace and threat was brought by the Prosecutor's Office against the ex-wife of the criminologist Apostolos Lytras, after the lawsuit filed against her by Sofia Polyzogopoulou.

After the criminal prosecution prosecution, the ex-wife of Apostolos Lytras, was referred to be tried at the Autoforous Single-Member Court, where she got an extension for June 27.

Ms. Polyzogopoulou's side told the court that the plaintiff is seriously injured after being beaten by her husband and is unable to attend the trial to testify. As the plaintiff's attorney, Themis Sofos, reported, the lawyer was examined and given the recommendation to remain at home until her recovery and re-examination.

The plaintiff's side asked the court to impose a restraining order to the accused ex-wife, so that she does not come near Polyzogopoulou's house. The court, however, ruled that the offenses charged against the accused and the penalty framework provided for them, do not allow the imposition of restrictive conditions.

In his statements after the postponement of the trial, Mr. Sofos, among other things, said that the investigator has already been informed of what took place last night at the couple's house.

He also mentioned about the beating of Mrs. Polyzogopoulou, that his colleague and principal received 30 blows in the face from the accused husband of her and that “the version of the stairs” was indeed a suggestion of the sufferer to Lytras in order to convince him to take her to a clinic without him fearing that she would denounce him.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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