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Appeal of the Metropolitan of Paphos to the citizens to vote in the archdiocesan elections

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Εκκληση Μητρ&omicron ;πολλτη Παφου στους πολλτες να ψη&phi ;σουν στις αρχιεπισκοπικες εκ&lambda ;ογéς

The Metropolitan of Paphos Georgios invites the citizens to participate in the election of the new Primate of the Church of Cyprus and to honor him with their vote, noting the&nbsp ;need to continue the “nationalistic and also philanthropic work” of the Church.

In the event of his election, he notes, in cooperation with the political leadership, he will ensure that “the principles, values ​​and positions of Cypriot Hellenism are ensured for the protection of the homeland and the Nation” until “that day comes when justify the struggles and sufferings of our ancestors, who kept the place Christian and Greek”.

An announcement from the Holy Diocese of Paphos states that George of Paphos decided to run for office having “deep in his heart the love and concern for this place of martyrdom and its people”.

He sets his main goals  the efficient, fair and forward-looking administration of the Church of Cyprus and its worthy representation in the Pan-Orthodox Community, but also to continue the positioning of the Church of Cyprus next to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

In addition, it refers to strengthening the number and quality of the clergy of the Church by making use of the Priestly School and the financial support of families with many children, simultaneously giving incentives to overcome the low birth rate.

It also refers to the strengthening of the charitable&nbsp ; and social work with help to all Metropolises, to the poor, to patients who seek their treatment abroad, to struggling and single-parent families, to couples whose finances do not allow them to have a third or even fourth child.

Paphos Metropolitan Georgios also says that among his goals is still “the strengthening, the cooperation of the Church of Cyprus with the Ministry of Education for the safeguarding of Greek Christian ideals”.

He also recommends the strengthening of communication with young people, as well as expanding the support of young people, needy students with scholarships, the creation of Student Centers in cities with a university a.

Also, it cites the position for reopening a radio and/or television station of the Church of Cyprus to “contribute to the religious and national guidance of the faithful”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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