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Appointment of goat and sheep farmers until the end of August for checks and measures on halloumi

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The commitment of the Minister of Agriculture to increase the controls to identify and report those who affect the PDO halloumi satisfied the Coordinating Committee of the Goat and Sheep Breeders, which decided in good faith that the producers should not, for the time being, react in any way to the new decree, for the minimum quotas goat's and sheep's milk in the preparation of the product.

Despite the particular disappointment and surrounding pessimism in the goat and sheep breeding sector, it was considered highly necessary to give one more chance to regain confidence in the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture.

“We will wait for a reasonable period of 6-7 weeks for the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Panagiotou to meet its commitments regarding regular, strict and reliable administrative controls, ensuring a healthy and competitive market, and immediate decisions on targeted measures to increase production of goat and sheep milk and ensure the faithful implementation of the halloumi regulation PDO“, according to the Coordinator.

The sheep and goat breeders request that this decree be implemented for one year and then expect a new /strong> decree until 2029 with a percentage increase in the share of goat and sheep milk for the preparation of halloumi by 5% per year.

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