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April Fools' Day arrivals from Israel without a test

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April Fools' Day arrivals from Israel without a test

For the time being, at least for the time being, PASYXE does not seem to be satisfied with the request for implementation within March, instead of the April 1, agreement with Israel, which provides facilities for Israeli travelers, once they have been vaccinated. The request, as we wrote yesterday, was presented to the President of the Republic by PASYXE, following the great interest invoked by the association of thousands of Israelis for trips to our country, in view of the Jewish Passover, which this year is celebrated between March 27 and April 4.

According to information from “F”, the issue was not discussed at yesterday's meeting of the Council of Ministers, however, the Minister of Health, when asked about it during the press conference for the new relaxations, said that the agreement with Israel will enter into force on April 1. . Konstantinos Ioannou, also asked if there are second thoughts about the agreement, given that the EU has not yet given the green light for a vaccination certificate, said that there is no such issue.

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“The agreement reached with Israel is valid from April 1, to give us time to have more data. Greece has made the same agreement and other countries are moving in the same direction. “It may not have been agreed at European level, for other practical reasons, that a single certificate should be issued, but that does not mean that some countries cannot take such action,” he said. He also said that all other arrangements for passengers arriving at airports still apply. “At the moment, there is no one arriving at the airport who does not have a negative PCR test. The categorization for the EU countries, the three categories, based on the ECDC, is valid from 1 March. “We will do sampling tests on all the flights that will come – even from the” Green “category”, he added.

With regard to Israel, we remind you that the agreement that will enter into force on April 1 stipulates that those Israelis who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency will be able to travel to Cyprus without prior submission. in a molecular test, while also ensuring that they will not be quarantined.

On the issue, the president of PASYXE, Haris Loizidis, speaking yesterday on state radio, confirmed the association's request to speed up the implementation of the agreement, citing a huge demand from Israelis for holidays to come.

He also confirmed that PASYXE is seeking similar agreements with those of Israel and Russia, as well as the United Kingdom. To ensure public health, Mr. Loizidis said that the association suggests that even for those who arrive and are vaccinated to have a rapid test.

Source: www.philenews.com

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