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Aquarius Man: Is it worth it to get involved or to get better?

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Aquarius Man: Is it worth it to get involved or to get better?

After all, does all this myth about his name have any basis?

The Aquarius man, more than any other zodiac man, has the reputation of a bad-good child. He is the bad boy, my story-my sin for women, whom he attracts like a magnet, while with his friends and the rest of the world, he is a piece of cake. Finally, what is true?

Both. He is a man who, at best, will confuse you. He is the hunter who does not hunt, the pleasant guy you can not easily please, the man who loves everyone but no one in particular, the man with high ideals, beautiful ideas, good heart, who you can not fully understand, but neither to capture.

He moves with grace in the world of ideas and what he believes, he keeps sacred. His way of thinking is different. The way he acts is special. You will not be able to limit him to a specific lifestyle or way of life. He will not accept it. He will act according to his will, not to upset you, but because his nature is such that he can not do otherwise.

He has a very strong mind and does not play on words. His heart is always full of all kinds of emotions, but in love ει he climbs. He does not fall head over heels in love, he prefers the friendly approach at first. If he falls in love, he will be stable in his feelings, which he will keep at a safe distance between the person he loves and his… love! Crazy? No. Expected! Aquarius is generally distanced from emotion. But that does not mean he loves less. His love is strong, but it is never expressed in an indicative way.

It is a temptation, but it does not accept restrictions. He is a difficult person and if you do not have the stomach for such a “non-traditional-safe” type, do not approach. You will break your heart…

What is the Aquarius man after all? An enigma! Giving 100%, difficult, unpredictable character that is, however, the joy of life! Steady in his feelings, which he develops slowly and certainly remains a ζο puzzle!

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