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Arbitrary water supply to Pyla from Pergamon

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Arbitrary water supply to Pyla from Pergamon

The new accomplishments of the occupation regime and the Turkish occupation army in the last few days in the mixed community of Pyla are causing concern. According to complaints and photographic material of “F” from the area, the illegal “municipality” of Pergamon seems to be promoting a water supply network from the occupied areas, to the Turkish outpost northwest of the community, but also the water supply of the small settlement they built before a few years, members of the family of T / C Mustafa Kattou from Pyla. The said T / C was in the public domain when people intervened in the network of the Electricity Authority, electrifying it.

According to sources from Pyla, the Turks cite problems in the water supply that the settlement had as due to the fact that it is located on a hill above the village, it was difficult for water to reach there from the village network. While the Turkish outpost was supplied with water by a small well that was also illegally opened by the occupying army.

However, Greek residents of Pyla warn that the transfer of water from the occupied Pergamon to the specific T / C settlement, is the first step for its future expansion, something that the Turkish Cypriots methodize and seek with various moves in recent years . In fact, prohibiting the entry of Greek Cypriots into the arbitrary settlement. They also complain that the United Nations, as well as the British Dhekelia Bases through which the pipeline opened by the Turks passes, are monitoring the illegal activities without any participation, despite the protests and the concerns of the Greek Cypriots.

It is worth mentioning that the illegal water pipeline created by the so-called municipality of Pergamon starts from a point east of the “municipal stadium” and after a course of about one and a half kilometers along the road that connects Pergamon with Pyla, turns west, towards the settlement. of the Kattos family and the outpost of Attila.

Residents of Pyla in their statements to “F” call for the intervention of the United Nations, the authorities of the British Bases and the Government to end the new arbitrariness of the Turkish side in the region.


Expenditures € 48.6 million Revenues € 22.7 million

The Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously voted for the budget of the Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving Fund (RES and EXE) for 2021. 41 deputies voted in favor. The debate, however, also contained several criticisms from MPs for not meeting the targets, while there was also talk of scandals.

The budget provides for total expenditure of € 48,661,901 and total revenue of € 22,692,662.

The fund is the main financial tool of the Republic for the promotion of RES and EXE in order to achieve its binding objectives, as defined in the relevant European Directives.

Source: www.philenews.com

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