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Archbishop Chrysostom for those who do not want to be vaccinated: If they have love in them, they must comply

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Archbishop Chrysostom for those who do not want to be vaccinated: If they have love in them, they must comply

The position of the Church in favor of vaccinations and the relevant circular that was issued, was mentioned on Sunday by the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos, noting that “the rights of many cannot be violated by some who claim their own rights”.

In his statements in Paphos, after the end of the Divine Liturgy and the memorial service of the archimandrites of the monastery of Agios Neophytos, the Archbishop stated that the circular has been heard by all the Cypriot people and “had a positive impact”

Everyone, he continued, must learn to respect himself and others. As the Archbishop said, “not everyone can do what they want in this place. “Yes, everyone has a right to himself” but “others also have rights”.

The head of the Church of Cyprus added that “the rights of many who claim their own rights cannot be violated. “Especially young people should respect their parents and generally grandparents and older people with whom they live in the same house.”

If they have, he continued, love within them “they must comply” and “surpass themselves somewhat”.

The Archbishop then again appealed to young people, those who have not yet been vaccinated, to be vaccinated first for their own good, but also for the good of society and the homeland. “Our country has many problems, it has many financial problems and everyone wants this disease to go away, to go to work freely, so that this place can see better days, see prosperity, see growth and see peace. ».

Only in this way, he continued, will we go forward noting that “everyone must stop doing their own part”. This is our advice and we ask them to go beyond themselves and at least listen to the Church that loves the whole world, he concluded.

Messages about the Cyprus issue in view of Erdogan's transition to the occupied territories

The message that as a Government but also as a people we must take care not to make other mistakes, was sent by the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos, referring to the Cyprus issue.

Unfortunately, he said, “Erdogan knows his own, he knows what he does, he loves his country and he does what is in the best interest of his country,” he added, adding that “both the government and the people must take care not to do anything else.” mistakes. “Let's see what is in our interest and fight for our country, but also not allow Erdogan what he wants for the good of Turkey.”

The Archbishop noted that “Erdogan's goal is the whole of Cyprus.” If he wanted the good of the Turkish Cypriots, he would agree with us to live as a Cypriot people, all of us happy and happy, he said to reiterate that “he wants all of Cyprus”.

He added that “we have to land, let everyone do their part and see what is in the best interest of the place”. He added that “we will continue to love the Turkish Cypriots, the right T / Cs” and to fight for the right state that we must do.

“Those Turkish Cypriots who want to come are welcome,” he continued, adding that “those who want to make a state their own, let them make their own.” The Archbishop of Cyprus noted that our goal is to make a mixed state of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and to live happily and happily in this place, declaring readiness to do so.

If they do not want, he continued, “let them stay on their backs, but we must fight in this direction and the Government is doing well, which aims to stay within the UN decisions, the decisions of the SA and we must stubbornly stay and not to get away from them “.


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