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Archbishop: Duty of the Church to maintain faith and fighting spirit in our people

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<p data-block-key=As a Church we have a duty to preserve the faith and fighting spirit in our people, said the Archbishop of Cyprus George in his greeting at the opening of the work of the 7th International Conference of Cypriot Hagiology on the theme: “The honor of angels, prophets and apostles in Cyprus” .

The Archbishop said that for 50 years, unfortunately, many of the churches and monasteries in the occupied part of Cyprus “have stood as mute monuments of our culture and faith. This year marks 50 years of the occupation of almost half of our homeland, half a century of destruction of our cultural heritage and an attempt to wipe out our Greek and Christian traces in our homeland itself”.

However, he continued, “as a Church we have a duty to maintain the faith and fighting spirit in our people, because we are sure, the Angel of the Lord will help holy Cyprus to get rid of the barbarian conqueror and the Archangel Gabriel will bring the good news and on our Island”.

Referring to the theme of the Conference, the Archbishop said that it “refers to the early Christian years of Cyprus”. spanning a period of almost two thousand years. Through this process, the Christian life and testimony developed and evolved giving us important examples of our religious and cultural heritage”.

In these monuments, he continued, “our old monasteries, our temples, our churches, our holy relics, the Byzantine icons and in general the whole ecclesiastical life, the ecclesiastical wealth of Cyprus is reflected. A multitude of Temples, Monasteries and other respects are still honored in the name of the Apostles and Angels even though Cyprus also highlighted Saints of pan-Christian scope from the first years of Christianity until today, and to whom many of our Temples were dedicated”.

The Archbishop congratulated the Metropolitan Basil of Constantia and Famagusta and the members of the Scientific-Organizing Committee and all his collaborators for the] organization of the Conference, as well as the professors and researchers participating in this and noted that their presence “testifies to the interest, which from a historical, archaeological, and in this case hagiological aspect, Cyprus presents in the honor of angels, prophets and apostles”.

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