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Archbishop: I was ready for both the vote and the no-vote

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Αρχιεπλσκοπ&omicron ;ς: Orμουν και για την καταψorφιση

The Archbishop of Cyprus Georgios was a guest on the show Mesimeri and Kati. The Archbishop referred to the challenges of the day after the election.

"I was ready for both the vote and the no-vote, I would accept any result". In the introduction he said that the large majority within the Synod, with which he was elected Archbishop, helps.

"These first days we are answering phone calls and letters, we are preparing for the day of the enthronement. Immediately after, we get into solving the problems that plague our society in order to expand the charitable work of the Church. We had said about building student residences in Nicosia, which will happen. We will help those with many children. We will set up a committee to provide answers to the problems and questions that the world has in front of the development of technology. “All this will be done,” said the Archbishop.

"When the texts of the Church were written, society was agricultural and animal husbandry, while today our society is technological. You can therefore speak in another language to the young people, in the language they understand.

If he were Christ in today's time he would not speak of weeds in the field, but that there was a nuclear diversion, he said.


Regarding the Cyprus issue, the Archbishop said that the Church's relationship with the Cyprus issue will be collective. "The Church should decide in the Synod with a joint decision and the Archbishop should express this decision. I say we are not asking for anything unreasonable. We are asking for all legal residents of Cyprus. We do not distinguish between Turkish Cypriots, Maronites or Armenians. All legal residents of Cyprus have the rights enjoyed by all Europeans. No one can accuse us of’ this. If we insist that we want these rights then we will not give an alibi».

The Archbishop was also asked about his report which caused reactions. "He explained that he said that some people had tried in various ways to prevent my election, their right. When the election took place, I said that there is no reason for them to wander from Medium to Medium because’ this purpose. I didn't say they shouldn't have an opinion. Someone who is in public should accept criticism. I want them to have an opinion and to criticize me, but a chapter is over.

His message to the youth is that they will try to approach them in the language they understand. We will try with our example and our teaching”, said the Archbishop.

His entire hospitality in the following video.

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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