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Archbishop: The Church cannot stand in the stands as a mere spectator

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ΑρχιεπΙσκοπ&omicron ;ς: Η ΕκκλησΙα δεν μπορεΙ να σταθ&epsilon ;i στις κερκiδες απλoς θεατorς

His new duties were officially assumed by the Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cyprus George after the enthronement ceremony held on Sunday afternoon at the Cathedral of the Apostle Barnabas in Nicosia, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, the Speaker of the Parliament, Annitas Dimitriou, the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Ieronymos, but also the state and political leadership of the country.

Also present at the ceremony are the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece, Niki Kerameos, representative of Ecumenical Patriarchate, representatives from all Orthodox Churches, as well as representatives of other denominations.

As he said, among other things, in his enthronement speech, "for Cyprus and its Archbishop, the cross remains a cross of martyrdom, chlamydia turns into rickets with which it covers the wounds of the people, the crown of thorns becomes a visible sign of burdensome slavery of our country, and the reed is the medium from’ where the pain of bitter slavery is transmitted to our people».

The course of humanity shows that the multidimensional crisis that plagues the modern world will continue to worsen and, inevitably, more and more people will seek  around them a source of meaning in life, said the Archbishop, adding that he considers it his primary duty towards the people to pay great attention to this issue.

"The Church today, imitating her Lord, and this will be my main concern, should give her presence to the dialectic of the spiritual currents that cross over the heads of modern people, decide to choose with our time . And then the testimony of  it will become an interpretation of life and a ministry of the soul. It will provide the orthodox ethos and attitude to life that today's man is looking for,' he underlined.

She added that her social and charitable work will continue and expand to those in need, "s’ those who find it difficult due to the economic recession to cope with the demands of life, s’ those who are unable to take care of their health, s’ those who can educate their children. The announcements for measures against the low birth rate, which is a national problem, and the creation of student residences to support needy students are immediately implemented.

As Primate of the Church in ’ an unredeemed Greek place, Makariotatos said that he is also particularly concerned about the issues of education as an essential element of a people's life and survival. "We are not asking for, nor are we trying to extort, the leadership of the local Government in matters of education, nor in other matters. However, we do not take away the right to have an opinion on the most current issues of the country and to express it freely, as even the last citizen has such a right today, he emphasized.

Also speaking about the national issue, he said that today, when we are in danger like never before from Turkish bulimia, which does not hide its aspirations for the conquest and Turkishization of the whole of Cyprus, the Church cannot stand in the stands as a mere spectator.

"The government of the Republic will be able to count on our support in asserting the rights of our people and in liberating our occupied territories. However, we will not hesitate to point out and control any deviation and we will fight to prevent solutions that will endanger our survival in our ancestral land, he underlined on the subject.

He added that the Church will actively contribute, in consultation with the competent authorities of the state, to the defense armoring of Cyprus, while he called for the activation of the doctrine of the unified defense area of ​​Greece – of Cyprus, which, as he said, will satisfy the people's sense of security, prevent new expansionist moves by Turkey and preserve and consolidate the desire for liberation.

The Archbishop's enthronement speech was preceded by speeches on behalf of of the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus and the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus, by Metropolitan Nektarios of Kiti and Metropolitan Christophoros of Karpasia, respectively.

In his address to the new head of the Church of Cyprus, Metropolitan Nektarios of Kiti expressed the certainty that "the helm of the Church is taken over by a right and worthy oiakostrophe, who will fulfill the wishes of the Church and our Homeland".< /p>

"The unity of our local Autocephalous Church, Your Beatitude, is placed today in your hands", Mr. Nektarios continued, adding that "we will be by your side, fellow travelers and supporters, always honoring you as the first among us and president of of our Holy Synod”.

Metropolitan Kiti's address also included a reference to the national issue, regarding which Mr. Nektarios said he knows the sensitivities of the new Archbishop and his anxiety about our survival and staying in land of our ancestors.

"Your presence and attitude to our national issue to date assure us that, from the position of Primate of our local Church, you will devote yourself to the rights of Cypriot Hellenism. There is no doubt that you will support the actions of the Governments of Greece and Cyprus to find a just and workable solution, which will ensure the rights of all legal residents of this place, regardless of religion and language, to live in peace and enjoy , as you regularly mention, the rights that every European citizen has”, concluded the Metropolitan of Kiti.

For his part, the Metropolitan of Karpasia Christophoros said in his own address that this day, apart from a day of spiritual joy and rejoicing, is also a day of prayer and reflection so that the Lord may direct the course of the new Archbishop on spiritual paths fruitful.

He, in turn, expressed his certainty that his many years of collaboration with the blessed Archbishop Chrysostomos, his long-term priestly ministry, his spiritual and liturgical education from an early age, his love for the Church and the Fatherland, his pastoral anxiety and in general his theological and scientific education will lead him and show him "indeed Primate, but also a genuine Father and inspirer of the Orthodox faith and life, but also of the righteous of our people".

It is also noted that an address to the new Archbishop was also addressed by the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Hieronymos, while messages on behalf of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis were read by the Archbishop of Thyatira and Great Britain Nikitas and the Apostolic Nuncio Adolfo Tito, respectively.

< p> After the Enthronement Ceremony, the Archbishop went to the Great Synod, where he received congratulations from those gathered.

Ac a dinner is held in a Nicosia hotel for the official guests and delegates.

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