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Archbishop: When Hasikos received my letter, he had already given a passport to Lowe – “I was sending letters to ministers”

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Next Tuesday, the Archbishop of Cyprus, Chrysostomos II, expects to give his own statement on the issue of naturalizations. and he will gladly return to his country if requested.

In his statements to the journalists, His Beatitude from the Holy Monastery of Agios Neophytos stated that he is expected to give his own testimony to the Archdiocese due to the difficulty he faces with his foot and his movements, adding however that his own case is very “clear “, In his expression.

He said the land development businessman, who had sold the mansion to Mr Lowe, which had been built on an Archdiocese plot, had asked him to send a note to the Minister to advance the issue of obtaining a passport.

He added that this is neither the first time I have sent letters to Ministers, nor the last time.

We have continued, “a good approach with both the current government and the previous governments”, but stated that this, of course, “does not mean that when we send a letter, that the Minister or the President will do our will.”

As the Archbishop explained, many times they listen to what they are told, but also many times they reject when they do not think that what they are told should be done.

As an example, the Archbishop of Cyprus referred to the case of Paphos with the Hungarian businessman.

You know, he noted, “what plans did we have with the Hungarian” stating that he did not send a letter to the then Minister of Interior Socrates Hasikos but also visited him with the businessman in his office, while he continued to visit him at the Presidential Palace.

“Neither the President nor the Minister listened to us,” he said, adding that in the end the Hungarian businessman left bitter.

The Archbishop of Cyprus noted that he maintains friendly relations with both the President of the Republic and the former Minister of Interior. He is a friend, said Socrates Hasikos, noting that “it does not mean when he does not listen to us, he is our enemy, and when he listens to us, he is our friend”.

In fact, he said, as he had been informed – noting, however, that he may be wrong, but he did not think so – “when he received my letter, he had already given a passport to Joe Lowe, and he did not expect me to give it to him or not.” give it to him “.

He also explained that his interest was “because the plot on which the mansion of this gentleman was built belonged to the Archdiocese and because the developer did not have the money to pay, I signed as a representative of the Archdiocese myself.”

On the subject of the contribution, His Beatitude stated that he did not know this man himself, and that for the first time it was the land development businessman who told him because he was willing to send a note to the Minister, he also wanted to make a contribution to the Archdiocese.

After that he continued, he asked him to invite him for dinner so that they could meet, as he did.

He pointed out, however, that if he sees this man today, he will certainly not understand him, since he saw him only three quarters and at meal time.

In fact, he added, he had stated that he would not want a contribution for the Archdiocese, since it is doing very well, but for the Theological School, which had not yet managed to endow it. He explained that when he does a project, he likes to endow it to stand on his own two feet. He also said that in the first years he received contributions from many, stating that he did not believe that he would give this amount but he estimated that he would give him 10 to 15 thousand as others gave.

Asked about the size of Mr. Lowe's contribution to the Theological Seminary, the Archbishop of Cyprus stated that it was a € 300,000 check they received from the Bank of Cyprus.

He also said, “he did not bring them to us in the bag, and he gave them to us by an office that could serve this office, which this company is registered in the Republic. It exists until today and it works “. Archbishop Chrysostomos added that he will give the relevant information to the Commission on Tuesday, as he is called, who the Director was then and that she is registered in the Republic of Cyprus.

The Archbishop of Cyprus also stated that he did not need this amount and they have not spent it. This amount continued, we got it in 2015. In 2018 it came out that this man is not right, he abused and his country is persecuting him.

She also said that when she heard it, she said that the amount should stay there, since they did not spend it and that if this country asks them, they will return it to her. It does not belong to us, he said.

He also mentioned that they give around 3 million euros a year in aid and wondered what the 300 thousand is in front of 3 million a year. In addition, he noted that on working days with a relevant analysis made with their financial symbol, the Archdiocese provides assistance of 10,000 euros per day.

He finally wished his country to find him, to seize his property, to present him to the Court and if they ask for the money back, then they will be happy to return it, as he mentioned, adding that this money does not make them.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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