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Archimandrite Ioannis Ioannou: Construction of temples in case of his election

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Αρχιμανδρτ&eta ;ς Ιωαννης Ιωαννου: ΑνΕγερση ναων σ ε περiπτωση εκλογorς του

The construction of churches in the event of his election and the support of the youth was announced by Father Ioannis Ioannou, Primate of the Holy Archdiocese and Abbot of the Apostle Barnabas Monastery on the sidelines of his tour on Sunday in the Polis Chrysochous district and then in the communities of Giolo, Polemi and Stroubiou, according to the Support Group for his candidacy.

Archimandrite Ioannis Ioannou, Primate of the Holy Archdiocese and Abbot of the Apostle Barnabas Monastery, announced to the community of Polemio that in the event of his election, he would contribute to the construction of a church on a plot of land adjacent to the existing temple in Polemi and announced that he will pay the amount of 5,000 euros.

He added that he built Metohi in six months while announcing that one of his goals in the event of his election is the construction of a church in Geroskipou since the existing church of Agia Paraskevi is small and does not meet the needs of the area and the congregation of the flock. He also announced the maintenance of the existing temples and their equipment with air conditioning and heating systems.

Archimandrite Ioannis Ioannou first spoke at a large gathering at the Cultural Center of Polis Chrysochous. Greetings were addressed at the gathering by the Mayor of Polis Chrysochous, Yotis Papachristofis, and the head of his support group, Popi Athinodorou. Then in his speech Archimandrite Ioannis referred to the under-functioning of Polis Chrysochous Hospital and the necessity of manning it with permanent medical staff of the basic specialties.

He also referred to the Paphos Hospital, saying that he will contribute to the upgrade of the Cardiac ward of the General Hospital of Paphos, which was also the wish of the blessed Archbishop Chrysostomos of B’ who was the one who founded in collaboration with the Cardiologist and current Director of the Cardiology Clinic of the General Hospital of Paphos Iosif Moutiris. He also wished that, as in Paphos General Hospital, a special ward would be created for the treatment of cancer patients, as is currently done with the hemodialysis unit, so that patients do not have to go to Limassol and Nicosia.

Archimandrite Ioannis Ioannou replied to questions about election procedures. He then toured the communities of Argakas, Agia Marina Chrysochous, Pomou, Pachyammos, Prodromi as well as the communities of Giolo Stroubi and Polemi.

Regarding the youth, he said that the youth today are not responsible because they have taken other paths, noting that the responsibility rests with us because, he explained, we left them alone and did not approach them to listen to their concerns or discuss with them their concerns, visions and aspirations.

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