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Argyridis: “The delay is not reasonable – Pleasant news will come”

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The president of the union of Omonia, Marios Argyridis, in his radio statements referred to everything that concerns the union.

Speaking specifically on SPORT FM 95.0 and on the show “Kane Paichnidi”, he referred to the stadium, the delay observed in “Elias Poullos”, the return of people to the stadiums, while in terms of planning, he noted that pleasant news will come.

His statements in detail:

Regarding the return of the people to the stadiums from July 1 and the stadiums at Euro 2020 that are filling up, he said: “It is extremely important to finally see football as we are used to, even with 50% in Cyprus”.

Regarding the recent meeting with the CMO and the discussions that took place, he said: “The purpose was to see again the field problems faced by sections of the club and in the second part to inform about the creation of new sections in the club. The departments face different issues every year, especially in basketball we do not have a permanent home and every year we run to find a stadium. For the last years we have been using the closed Agios Dometios. What we discussed was the cost, because we do not want our union to be wronged compared to other unions or vice versa. Find a fair solution. Omonia in three divisions is charged with an additional cost of 17,000 euros compared to other clubs in other stadiums. What we want is for there to be a fair cost for everyone. We do not want other unions to be wronged in comparison with Omonia “.

“Another issue we discussed is that the unions have been suffering from the coronavirus for two years. On the one hand the costs are additional. There is no income or people and from some contributions or sponsorships they receive, a part is cut off for some debts of the associations. The unions have little income and when they are helped a part is cut off. Either from KOK, or from KOA, or elsewhere. Everything we discussed was noted, we thank Mr. Andreas Michailidis for his time. “As a big club, we discussed what we asked for, there was a positive atmosphere and a meeting will be held again to see how we move forward”, he added.

Regarding “Elias Poullos”, the upgrade and the projects that will be done but there is a delay on the part of State Organizations, he said: “It has become part of the public consultation, we have been waiting for a long time. We have had a meeting for a while now on the subject of sponsorship. “Elias Poullos” is an important project for the club. In Cyprus we are used to everything taking time. It does not make sense to me. I did not see any particular issues to be addressed and we need to speed up the procedures to help the sport and raise the level. Because everything that is done will be more modern and the level will rise. Today Omonia is facing it, tomorrow another team will face it. Sports in Cyprus need help to move forward. We need to change level. Omonia is entitled to a sponsorship for the training center like all clubs “.

On the GSP: “I am not fully aware of this issue. We asked for a cost improvement and some other things that we are in discussions about and we will see how it develops “.

For the new season and the general assembly of the club: “We expect that similar successes will come for the club. The planning runs in all departments to have leading roles and to offer the world of Omonia countless joys that will be on the field again. Our general assembly will take place next month and in the next few days we will announce details “.

Regarding the debt of the association: “The debt of the association was reduced. Initially in the previous meeting we presented a debt of about 14,500,000 euros and it will be lower what we will present in the next meeting. There is also the issue of the ministerial decision on the issue of debts to the State and this helps to reduce debt. This decision concerned old debts and fines. Arrangements were made with others who owed, not only in football. Interest was reduced to facilitate payment. Done with all unions. It is not the purpose of the administration to create new debts. We do not want to create budgets that we do not serve and owe to our athletes. It is not fair to sign an athlete and not be able to pay him. This is the right budget. Athletes and coaches offer competition, but administratively, if you can not fulfill your obligations, you do not progress. We can not go professionally in all sports, but the treatment must be professional “.

Concerning the planning of the football team, he concluded: “Just to repeat something that our president said. To be patient. We saw that the team handling these issues did it successfully and we had the success we had. A little more patience and support the team in the effort made. Soon people will go to the stadiums, to applaud, to support it. I believe yes, good news will come for Fabiano and other players. We are a club with 73 years of history and 92 titles and the people of Omonia should be proud and new successes will come “.

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