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Argyridis: “We accepted the invitation of Mr. Papastavros”

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Important positions from the president of the union of Omonia

Αργυρiδης: «Αποδεχθorκαμε τ&eta ;ν πρόσκληση του κ. Παπασταύρου»

The president of the union of Omonia, Marios Argyridis, spoke to SPOR FM 95.0 and the show “Play a game” with Stella Sokratous.

What he said in detail:

On the stance taken by the union in recent months:“After the president's statements last October, we decided to position ourselves with a statement and not to get into a confrontation. Our goal is to find a solution for the good of Omonia. It is not our purpose to bring Omonia fans into confrontation. We believe that public statements do not help in these cases”.

On Papastavros' call to initiate contacts:“Just before the game with Olympiakos, I was informed of the president's wish and we welcome it. I have called a board meeting immediately to look at the issue and move forward. Tomorrow we will meet as a board to look at the issue. We have already accepted the invitation of Mr. Papastavros. We need to discuss all the issues to go prepared to the meeting. Meetings have been set that will take place in the next few days with representatives of Mr. Papastavros. If we need to have an online meeting with Mr. Papastsyrou, we will do it. Immediately we must run because all this confrontation must stop and there must be a fight about who is right. We always wanted to give time to Mr. Papastavrou to get in touch and solve the problem. The president wishes to reach an agreement as soon as possible”.

On what happened outside the West after the match with APOEL: “I have not been prejudged. I was in conversation with people. Two friends came and were shouting about what was wrong. No one pushed me, no one hit me. Nor do I have a problem having a heated discussion with Homonians”.

On what will follow after a possible agreement: “Whatever is discussed we will end up in a general meeting of the union where we will analyze everything in every detail. Everyone will be fully informed, we will not hide anything. Let's talk with Mr. Papastavrou and we'll see where we end up. Above all, for the good of Omonia, let's find a solution”.

On the criticism the union receives:“The income we have from the company is 305 thousand. To cover the remaining expenses of the departments, the union must find another half a million and we thank the people and the members for the subscriptions. We are working very hard to complete our work. The criticism is unfair to us. A little respect.”

If he thinks that the golden ratio can be found with the company: “If we all sit down with good will, we can find the solutions and move forward. We are all Homonians. We must proceed sensibly and consensually. »

If there was a union meeting with John Christodoulou: “No, there was no meeting. We never came into contact with Mr. Christodoulou as a union.”

If Omonia has a future with Papastavrou: “Of course why not. The man made so many successes. I repeat, mistakes were made. We must see these mistakes and move forward”.

On the issue with the 7 Omonia fans: “I am in favor of dialogue. I came across a similar incident in a restaurant. I challenged them to sit and eat together. We must explain our position with patience. I repeat that the fan has the right. We need to talk to people. The right thing for me is to have a dialogue and with dialogue all problems can be solved”

Final comment with a message to the world: “We must all try to have unity in Omonia . We must all work hard for the greatness and the world of Omonia. Let's give hope again to the people of Omonia”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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