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Arianara… sow terror in the Skaliotes!

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With the terrible Kakorin-Babika, he destroyed AEK and hit the championship

Αρειαναρα… ;ους Σκαλιoτες!

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Aris took an imposing victory over AEK with 4-0 and reduced the distance from the leader APOEL to four points. The Limassol team was better than their current opponent, which they managed to beat for the first time this year. The goals of the “Light Brigade” were achieved by Kakorin (10'), Gomis (57'), Babika (74') and Mayabela (89').

First Half

AEK in the first five minutes showed to have more mood, but Aris was the one who found the first opportunity in the game. In the 6th minute, Babika converged from the right and took the shot, but it was quite off target.

The Limassol team turned up the pace and in the 10th minute managed to open the scoring. Babika, with an excellent vertical pass, found Kakorin, who through the area squared Piric in an exemplary fashion.

AEK tried to react, but Aris was becoming very dangerous on the counter. In the 15th minute, Babika, from a similar spot that Kakorin scored, sent the ball just past the right vertical post.

The home team threatened again with a Peleas shot in the 17th minute, which was off target. The same in the 20' with Struski's cross which also ended up out without worrying Piric.

Luis Oltra's team found their first phase in the 32nd minute. Faraz tried to threaten with a pass from outside the area, but it was quite weak and Vana collected the ball without difficulty.

In the 39th minute, Larnaca missed a great chance with Altman. The Israeli almost from the small area made the shot on the move but Musuda put his body and stopped the ball's course.

In the remaining minutes nothing changed and therefore 1-0 was also the score of the first half.

Second Half

As expected, Larnaca entered the replay with more demands since they were behind in the score.

Despite the fact that the Oltra team had the possession and the initiative of the movements, Aris were more dangerous whenever they went on the counter.

AEK threatened in the 54th minute with a Triskovski header from inside the small area. with the ball going against Musuda and resulting in a corner.

Against the flow of the match, Aris managed to score a second goal in the 57th minute. Kakorin brought out Gomis four-four with Piric and the “Light Brigade” striker dug the ball exemplary over the AEK keeper.

The visitors missed a good chance in the 72nd minute to reduce the score. . Lopes made the shot from inside the area but Vana showed readiness and saved.

Two minutes later Aris made it 3-0 with Babika who passed whoever he found in front of him, also passed Piric and scored into an empty net.

The hosts scored a fourth goal in the 89th minute with Mayabela. The football player from Aris sent the ball with a strong shot first to the crossbar and then to the nets.

4-0 was also the final score. Aris overcame AEK and with today's victory “caught” the Larnaca team to 57 points, while reducing the difference from the leader APOEL to four points.


Aris (Spilevsky): Vana, Peleas, Boaki, Bengtsson (64' Brorson), Gomis (64' Mayabella), Iago, Struski (76' Brown), Musuda, Soke, Babika (76' Stepinski), Kakorin (83' Jamblonski)

AEK (Oltra): Piric, Gonzalez (73' Nikolic), Sanjurjo, Triskovski, Farage (83 ' Mamas), Lopez, Garcia (76' Casas), Milicevic, Rosales, Pons (83' Gromov), Altman (73' Jakolic)

Scorer: 10' Kakorin, 57' Gomis, 74' Babika, 89' Maiabella/-

Yellow cards: 67' Soquet, 85' Maiabella/4' Altman, 56' Pons

< p>Dismissals: -/-

Referee: Ivan Bebek

VAR: Dario Bel

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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