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Aris: And money… and know-how!

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Obviously millions came in, but if there were no exemplary actions, we would be having another conversation now

Αρης: Και λεφτα… και know-how!

It is a fact! Ares is the new champion of Cyprus! A team that until last year the best it had to show was a fourth place finish, after passing into the hands of Vladimir Fedorov… managed to grow fast enough to climb to the top of Cyprus, just two years after its return to the large living rooms!

Certainly, if he did not acquire unprecedented financial power for the union's data, we would probably have a different conversation today, however the bottom line is that not only people with a lot of money joined the “light brigade”, but also some… who know how to build teams with protagonists goals!

From the previous season, it appeared that the managers of the “greens” have a particularly innovative plan for the Cypriot conditions. In addition to investing in building a team that combines experience, quality, and talent, at the same time they put a huge emphasis on the staffing of the technical team, as well as the scouting department.

Άρης: Και λεφτ… κ ;αι know-how!

The team's transfer planning does not depend on a single person (e.g. technical director), as it is a whole that undertakes the staffing of the roster. And as it turned out in practice, their results are terrible, since, among other things, they have brought football players directly from Africa, who starred to win the title. Even in the winter when most were wondering why no transfer took place, the decision to support the summer options until the end proved them right.

With regard to the technical staff, the work done there is also awesome and this, among other things, can be seen from how well trained the players of the “greens” are. Since the beginning of the season we have admired the physical condition of the Aris players and we are certainly talking about one of the main reasons why they were crowned champions. Where their opponents couldn't do one more…sprint, they kept running like machines!

Άρης: Και λεφτà… και know-how!

All this is good and super important, but the choice that made the difference was firstly the acquisition of Alexei Spilevski and secondly his support in the difficult times. Despite his young age, the Belarusian coach was given the mandate to build a team based on his own wishes and after getting all the necessary help, he made sure to create an extremely respectable squad. Having a philosophy, which here in Cyprus we only learned last year, the evolving coach offered a spectacle and above all did something that a few years ago seemed impossible. It goes without saying that he still has a lot to learn, but among other things, he is also credited with the fact that during the season he showed improvement in the management part…

From there, a big round of applause is obviously also due to the footballers, who they justified those who chose them. It would be unfair to say that someone lagged behind (except for those who fought little to nothing), as evidenced by the fact that when, for example, Babika came out… he was replaced by Mayabela, without the overall performance falling!

Άρης: Και λεφ&tau ?a… και know-how!

In conclusion, yes, millions went into Mars, but if the investor didn't have the… know-how, then his team wouldn't make a championship. At least not in record time! With a plan and methodical work, they created a team worthy of an example and rightly so, for a few hours now they have been celebrating their first championship.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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