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Aristinden with ELAM, former DISY MP Andreas Themistokleous

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Aristinden with ELAM, former DISY MP Andreas Themistokleous

Andreas Themistokleous, a former member of parliament for the Democratic Alarm, is re-claiming a parliamentary seat as an Aristide candidate on the ELAM ballot in the Limassol constituency during the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The announcement of ELAM as it is

It is with great satisfaction that today we announce the positive response of the former MP of the Democratic Alarm ANDREAS THEMISTOKLEOUS to our proposal to be included as an ARISTINDIN candidate in the ELAM ballot, in the Limassol constituency during the elections.
Andreas Themistokleous is an experienced, tried, honest and capable politician, with a structured, documented political discourse and with political orientations identical to ours.
In many issues, which are asymmetric threats against the natural, national survival of the Hellenism of Cyprus, against our place and way of life, we share common ideas and mainly common anxieties.
The concurrence of our views is complete and our unwavering determination for the insurmountable need for political consolidation, for the fight against entanglement and corruption, for rupture and conflict with those who, day by day, lead more and more of our compatriots to poverty, they are plunged into misery, despair and social and political marginalization.
The foundation of our cooperation in the forthcoming elections is the real justice, it is the protection, the survival and the advancement of the many, who do not have and can not stand.
The coexistence of Andreas Themistokleous with ELAM is an honor for us. Our Party continues and strengthens the Struggle for our People to get back their dignity.

The Supreme also braked the fastest Andreas Themistocleous

Andreas Themistokleous is guilty of speeding

Source: politis.com.cy

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