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Aristotelous: The PtD is trying to better manage the issue of missing persons

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The President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis is making every effort to better manage the issue of the missing, said the Head of Humanitarian Affairs for the Missing and Imprisoned, Anna Aristotelou, at the Memorial Mass for the Fallen and the Mass to find the Missing Persons of the occupied community of Agios Andronikos Karpasia, held at the Apostolos Church Andreas and Agia Fotini in the Colony of Kolossi.

Continuing, Ms. Aristotelous assured that regardless of the difficulties and problems, the fight to ascertain the fate and the last missing person and to locate the fallen will continue. "It is our commitment, obligation and duty to our heroes and to you, the relatives of our heroes,", he added.

Stating that Agios Andronikos, like the other communities of occupied Cyprus, paid a heavy blood tax in the black summer of 1974, he added that among the missing and fallen of the Turkish invasion, there are eight persons who had their origin or their residence in Agios Andronikos.

It is, as he said, about Michalakis Koumis, Michalis Parashou (Siaourta), Nikos Kyriakou, Odyssea Ilias, Panagiotis Kiottis, Panagiotis Zachariou and the Athena Chrysostomou sisters and Katerina Christofi.

Ms. Aristotelous referred separately to the circumstances under which the traces of the missing people of the community were lost and those whose remains were identified.


Ms. Aristotelous made a special reference to Andreas and Milia, who for half a century held Thermopylae in Agios Andronikos, who did not give up even for a moment, despite the difficulties, threats and the dangers, but they remained in the place where they were born, where they grew up and made their dreams, in their roots. The “two people who to this day keep alive the name of an entire village and who are a real beacon of hope and faith for the return, to the Karpasia peninsula”, he added.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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