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Arrest of T/c lawyer: He answers tomorrow about his extradition to the KD

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&Sigmaλ ;ληψη T/κ δικηγόρου: ΑπαντΑ αύριο &gamma ;ια την Εκδοσor του στην ΚΔ

Tomorrow the Turkish lawyer, who was arrested in Rome, will answer whether he consents to his extradition to the Republic of Cyprus or not on the basis of a European arrest warrant, which concerns articles of the criminal code of the Republic of Cyprus for the exploitation and sale of foreign property in the occupied territories.

The Cypriot authorities were notified on New Year's Eve that Akan Kurciat was arrested at the hotel where he was staying in Rome, where he traveled via Istanbul with his wife, RTK “MP” and “Vice President of Parliament”, Fazilet Ozdenefe.

The Turkish newspaper Dialog writes today that “eyes are fixed” tomorrow on the answer of Kursiat, who has already been detained in Italy for 15 days. According to the publication, tomorrow at the court in Rome documents are expected to be presented (SS: apparently from the defense of the t/c lawyer) that – allegedly – the Central Prisons of the Republic are not safe, especially for the t/c and a report will be made in the killing of convict T/C Tanshu Chidan in the Central Jail in October 2022. It is added that after Chidan's murder as a result of beating, “the Acting Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General had made important statements about the internal but and external security in prisons”.

The Cursiat Arrest History

According to information, Akan Kurciat was arrested in Italy on the basis of an initial European arrest warrant issued in August 2005 and related, among other things, to the exploitation of property in possession without the owner's consent (Article 281), on the basis of which the British Gary Robb was arrested by the British authorities in August 2011, who had been tried in 2010, while in 2012 the decision of the appeal court came out. The 2005 warrant concerned: British Gary Robb and Turkish Cypriots Tuncel Tahir Soykan (contractor), Akan Kursiat (lawyer). All of them were related to the company AGA Developments and the construction of mansions on private land in occupied Klepini.

The 2005 arrest warrant also related to violations of sections 280, 298, 303, 371 and 372 of the penal code relating to fraud and obtaining money by false representation.

The 2005 warrant was revoked and based on new evidence and testimony, a new arrest warrant was issued in 2007. In the new warrant, in addition to the aforementioned articles, a violation of cover-up offenses was added. Based on the new warrant, the wanted persons through Europol increased to 4 and they were: the British Gary Robb, the Turkish lawyer Akan Kursiat, the Turkish contractor Tuncel Tahir Soykan and the Turkish engineer Kucal Tokatlioglu. Again all of them were related to AGA Developments.

While Akan Kursiat was under arrest on the basis of the 2005 warrant, which was still in force at Europol, the Cypriot authorities served the Turkish lawyer the new 2007 arrest warrant.

According to the information, the arrest of Kurciat at the hotel in Rome was made on the basis of the Turkish passport he presented to record the details of his stay at the tourist unit. Because of his political wife, the hotel reportedly informed Italian authorities of the presence of a “politically exposed person” and her husband, and because Akan Kursiat's Turkish passport number was included in the 2005 European warrant, his arrest took place in hotel where the Kursiat-Ozdenefe couple stayed.

Akan Kursiat is a holder of a KD passport issued in 2014, which he has used in the past.

As the KYPE is informed, the extradition of the Turkish lawyer can be done with his consent or not.

In the event that he consents, he will soon be transferred to Cyprus to start the trial of the case at the District Court of Nicosia , based on whose decision the European Arrest Warrant of 2007 was issued.

In the event that Curciat rejects the arrest warrant, a hearing will follow in the court of Rome to determine whether the arrest warrant is valid, if the offenses for which he is accused in the Criminal Code are also criminal in Italy, etc.

In the previous days, it was written in the local press that after the intervention of Akan Kursiat's father, Talat Kursiat, T Turkish leader Ersin Tatar appealed to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance, which is said to provide legal support in Italy to the Turkish lawyer under arrest.

Initially there were reports that the Turkish lawyer was thinking of not appealing. in its edition in KD, which seems to have changed in the last few days.

Source: www.philenews.com

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