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Arrivals and departures at the port of Larnaca have been suspended

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Measure by the Coasters' Union in response to increases in docking fees.

ΑπΕκλεισαν αφΙξεισ και αν αχωρorσεις στο λιμàνι Λàρνακας

The measures are continuing in the port of Larnaca by the members of the Coasters' Union, which from 7 am blocked the departures and arrivals of ships with coastal vessels. According to their announcements, this is the first of a measure they are taking as a protest against the closure of the dock. As they state in their written announcement, the members of the Union are not pleasure boats, but professional boats and as such they cannot enter the same class as pleasure boats.

According to the announcement, assurances were given to the Union that the marina dock, which is undergoing renovation work from 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday – Friday, will remain open during the work. “Kition Ocean Holdings has closed the dock and disabled the operation of all our member vessels, with some suspending their operations and others underperforming at 10%, resulting in a complete and major loss of revenue,” it added.

It also states that “coastal vessels are docked and idle at the wharf from December 1, 2022”, while the Association claims that “Kition Ocean Holdings has decided to evict the professionals from the marina's wooden dock by employing professional fatigue techniques by exclusion and false promises and aim to leave on their own, which is never going to be accepted”.

In its announcement the Pancypriot Coasters' Union claims that it was told by a Kition official, “to forget about coastal shipping from the dock because it is not going to be done and we will look to find work elsewhere”, and that another executive “made threats of revenge against some of our members because they claim their legal rights”.

It is added that “after the blockade and closure of the businesses of the members of the Union came the increase in docking fees by 43.5%. In the Union's attempt to solve the problem, we recommended that the berthing fees for commercial vessels not be increased and that the main entrance to the dock be opened from 4pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends, given that the construction site operates until 3.30pm.

However, as noted in the announcement, “Kition Ocean Holdings rejected the opening of the dock, saying that the contractor does not accept”, while, as the Association maintains, “we all know that no work is being done on the dock and there are no any machinery or tools on it”.

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