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Artificial Intelligence brings home robots

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In a decade they will play a key role in housework

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The coming revolution of Artificial Intelligence will cause many upheavals, but one of them will be the reduction of the time we will have for our daily household chores, including shopping at the supermarket. This is the conclusion reached by the assessments of 65 experts on Artificial Intelligence who took part in a related research in Britain and Japan and whose findings were published in the scientific journal Plos One. When asked what the impact of Artificial Intelligence will be on people's daily lives, they answered that after a decade robots will assume a key role in household chores.

However, according to a related report by the Guardian, one of them, Ekaterina Hertog, warned that the deeper invasion of automation in people's homes, however useful it may be, will probably come at the price of losing part of their private space. Ms Hertog, a professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford, predicts that the use of robots will accelerate further gender equality. And this is because even nowadays women are the ones who mainly do the housework, without any pay of course. As the British newspaper points out, in Britain women shoulder about twice as much unpaid housework as men, while in Japan men take on less than a fifth of these household chores. According to experts, robots are not going to make it easier to equalize people in terms of their free time and instead will widen the inequality. This is because only upper-income households will have the financial ability to spend what it will take to add domestic helpers – robots to their equipment.

Expert estimates converge in predicting that the time we will have for shopping at the supermarket will decrease due to robots by 60%.

As for exactly which jobs robots will be able to take on, expert estimates converge on predicting that the portion of child and elderly care that will be assigned to them will be very small. Adults will still help their children with reading, accompany them on their activities and take care of the elderly, and only 28% of these duties will be handled by automation. The time we spend shopping at the supermarket, however, will decrease rapidly and specifically by 60%, as robots will take over this task. The research in question is an exception to the usual studies of how our lives will be affected by robots in the future, as much more common studies are about the professions that will disappear due to Artificial Intelligence and how many jobs will be lost with them. It is, thus, a pleasant aspect of the matter.

As the Guardian points out, however, the prediction that “in a decade” robots will have taken over housework is not new. Industry experts have been predicting and re-predicting this development for decades, roughly since the 1960s. But the vision of robots putting the garbage bag in the bin and picking up the scraps from the floor still remains mere science fiction. lego left by some kid. It is probably something similar to the self-driving vehicles that experts have also been talking about for years, but have not yet reached the point where they can move adequately in the unpredictable environment of the roads.

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