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As if Holgin didn't go to Turkey. Silent “leap” from Fidan

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    Σαν να μην πorγε &sigma ;την Τουρκλα η Ολγκλν πèτα» απo Φιντàν

    Holgin was not welcomed in Turkey – They downplayed the presence and contacts of the envoy in Ankara – A date of minor importance to Fidan – He is still waiting for an answer from Erdogan for a meeting – The next steps

    The Turkish President was very busy yesterday, who didn't bother to find some time to see Maria Angela Holguin. Even though the personal envoy asked for an appointment to hear Ankara's positions from him, Erdoğan chose to continue his campaign appearances unscathed. Yesterday he toured the city of Antiyaman, but by noon he was in Ankara where he had other obligations.

    Until yesterday morning, the Turkish media reported that the Turkish President will meet with Holgin. If the information is correct, then Erdogan may see the envoy during today's day. Remote scenario, since so far there is no such thing in his official schedule. Even if this meeting takes place, the diplomat is not expected to hear anything new from the Turkish President beyond the known positions on a two-state solution.

    The visit was downgraded >

    As a minor appointment, the Turkish Foreign Minister approached his meeting with Maria Ángela Holgin Queyar. Hakan Fidan received the envoy at his office in Ankara yesterday afternoon. A meeting that he sought to downplay since he did not announce it as usual, keeping the press away.

    This move was targeted as even after the appointment the only statement from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a post on “X”. A photo from the meeting, with the typical caption: “The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, received in Ankara Maria Angela Holguin Queyar, the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General for Cyprus”.

    Only this proposal was reproduced by the Turkish media that dealt with the matter, without the slightest reference to the content of the discussion or even in general the effort of the envoy. In contrast, most electronic media gave more weight to the coverage of the meeting Fidan had with the so-called “minister of foreign affairs” of the pseudo-state, shortly before the former's meeting with Holguin.

    Tahsin Ertugruloglou's unscheduled appearance yesterday was definitely not accidental. As well as the fact that his meeting with Fidan was arranged right before the Turkish official's appointment with the envoy. A fact that creates the reasonable suspicion that the two were deliberately not in the same place, at almost the same time.

    Monday in London

    The information states that Maria Angela Holguín Cuellar will be next Monday in London for meetings. Immediately afterwards she plans to travel to Brussels, where she will complete the first round of contacts with those involved in the Cyprus conflict. The next stop will be New York for paper exercises and consultations with the UN Secretary General. It is expected that he will return to Cyprus in the first week of March.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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