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ASDYK: Wages were stuck at 2010 levels

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ASDYK: Wages were stuck at 2010 levels

Wages in Cyprus have stalled at the level of 2010, according to the Independent Civil Servants' Union (ASDYK), citing recent figures from the Statistical Service.

In today's announcement, ASDYK states that the level of monthly salaries of employees in 2018 (1,837 euros) remains lower than the level of the year 2010 (1,890 euros) “, while citing data from the European Statistical Office, which states, as it states, “that, Cyprus is a leader in wage cuts and the pandemic crisis.”

Specifically, ASDYK reports that in the third quarter of 2020, hourly labor costs decreased by 3.8%, compared to the same period last year and adds that in the EU the average increased by 1.8%, while in the eurozone increased by 1.6%.

He also states that the data for Cyprus show that there has been a decrease, both in salaries (-0.8%) and in the benefits of employees (-17.4%) and adds that “all employees, both state and as well as the private sector, has paid an extremely heavy price in recent years and continues to pay “and” therefore, there is no room for further wage squeezing “.

“The well-known voices of employers' organizations that, as an antidote to the difficult times we are going through, seek to further reduce government wages, would be more useful and productive to focus on businesses and their ways of survival and recovery, possibly drawing on the profits and super-profits (eg companies, hoteliers) of previous years “, states the trade union organization, which cites data from the Central Bank, that” only for 2019 the savings of Cypriot businessmen increased by about 1 billion. At the same time, the taxes owed to the state increased by several hundred million.

According to ASDYK, “while, based on the statistics, the fixation of salaries and benefits is proven, on a parallel level, the disproportionate increase in the cost of living of a family in our country is palpable.”

He says owning a home is a dream come true for the vast majority of citizens, adding that “the rapid growth of the land development sector, with the construction of high-rise towers and luxury villas, has inflated and soared prices to unimaginable heights. other related services “.

As far as the employees are concerned, ASDYK calls on them to remain vigilant to defend their rights.

He says that in a possible scenario of further reduction of salaries and benefits in the public sector, it will be transferred to the private sector and adds that “this is what employers' organizations are seeking”.

“We hope that the government and the parties will rise to the occasion and will not follow the proposed recipes, which are destructive for the workers and consequently for society,” he concludes.

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