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Asim Akansoy [“MP” RTK] at politis.com.cy: Erdogan did not bring us good news, Famagusta to open based on UN Refreshments

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Asim Akansoy [

The belief that the partial opening of a part of the enclosed city of Varosia, as well as the construction of a new “presidential” mansion is not pleasant news for the Turkish Cypriot community, despite being presented as such, is expressed through politis.com.cy by the “MP” of the Republican Turkish Party (RTK) Asim Akansoy.

Especially for Famagusta, Mr. Akansoi emphasizes that “it should not become an element of negotiation, nor should it be opened unilaterally”. It should be integrated as a step on the way to a federal solution, he says. In addition, he is pessimistic about the future of the Cyprus issue after the latest developments, arguing that it will be difficult for Turkey to abandon the two-state solution, which will further waste significant time.

Q. What is the “good news” that the President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, brought to the Turkish Cypriots? Is there any good news?

A. It is clear that Tayyip Erdogan did not bring good news to the Turkish Cypriots. For us, what matters is not the construction of any building (s.s. “presidential”), but the creation of a viable new political environment on the island, with stability and security for the entire people. This is called a Federation.

Q. The international community is reacting to the partial opening of Famagusta. Is this development / decision of the Turkish side the end of the Cyprus problem?

A. The besieged city of Varos must be opened in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 550. For us, Varosi is a step towards a solution in the context of the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly. Provided that the rights of the people who lived there before 1974 are protected, it is important for Famagusta – and especially the enclosed city – to play a constructive role leading to a federal solution. Varos, therefore, should neither be traded nor opened unilaterally. They should be a step in the right direction to reach a federal solution.

Q. P identical is the next day for the Turkish Cypriots? Can the Turkish Cypriot community survive given Ankara's moves to Turkify the occupied territories?

A. The Turkish Cypriot community is committed to a bi-zonal bi-communal federal solution based on political equality. We know very well that the recent steps will bring new adventures and will not lead us to a solution. Therefore, we will maintain our determination. However, the fact that the Greek Cypriot community and the politicians on your side are taking a stand that only protects and defends your positions does not give hope for a solution.

Q. We saw your party react to Tayyip Erdogan's visit. What was the effect of this reaction?

A. Our party acts according to its principles and will continue to do so. RTK is the expression of the will of the Turkish Cypriot community for a solution. We are going through a very difficult time. We evaluate the steps we choose to follow, down to the smallest detail. Our goal is not to take an unproductive political stance. Our goal is to thoroughly manage the expectations of the communities in Cyprus and to demonstrate the necessary political will in this context. We will not hesitate to do this.

Q. How do you comment on the fact that the Tatar “government” has granted thousands of nationalities?

A. There is a problem with the granting of citizenships on both sides of the island because of the Anastasiadis – Tatars and I believe that in this matter they act arbitrarily. In this issue, that is, of passports, Cyprus has completely failed.

Q. What are the next steps of PTC?

A. We will continue to express our positions with determination, both in Cyprus and abroad. In this context, we will further develop our relations with the people of Turkey. We will explain our views.

Q. Did the Turkish Cypriots lose hope for a solution to the Cyprus problem? Are they tired?

A. The Turkish Cypriots are fighting for self-government. An important context of this struggle is, of course, the solution of the Cyprus problem. Therefore, this struggle for existence and self-government will continue without end, in the context of both solution and non-solution. It does not matter who is against us.

Q. Do you expect developments in the Cyprus issue in September?

A. I believe that Turkey will insist on its position on a two-state solution on the island. But since this will not be a profit, that is, it will not be possible to achieve this, we will soon be faced with a state of waiting that will last a long time. If Turkey does not win something on its own, it will maintain its rapprochement for two separate states. It would therefore be too optimistic to believe that anything will emerge from a possible Anatasiadis-Tatar meeting in New York in September.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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