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Association of Greek Cypriot Professionals – Business at the heart of relations between the two countries (images)

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Σύνδεσμος Κυπρ ωεεμαελδει– ;εινστεντωσεων ; τωοειεςIn order to provide practical support to the large professional community of Cypriots active in Greece and the further development of synergies between Cypriot and Greek professionals, the Embassy of Cyprus in Athens took the initiative to create the Association of Cypriot Professionals in Greece.</p>
<p> < p>This initiative of the Embassy of Cyprus in Athens was presented last week, <strong>in the presence of dozens of Cypriot businessmen</strong>, <strong>active in Greece,</strong> an indicative fact of <strong>of great interest surrounding the creation of the Association, while <strong>it receives the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Organization and the Cyprus Chamber of Industry and Commerce.</strong></p>
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said Association, as reported to us by competent sources, constitutes the creation of a network of contacts between the numerous Cypriots active in Greece, which did not exist until now, the promotion of their common requests, as well as the development of partnerships between Cypriot and Greek businessmen.

The Ambassador of Cyprus in Greece, Stavros Augustidis, in a related announcement on the issue, described the said initiative as a practical recognition of the contribution and displacement of Cypriot professionals in Greek, economic and business events, while he explained that it aims at the practical support of the Cypriot professional community in Greece.

Σύνδεσμος Κυπρ ωεεμαελδει– ;εινστεντωσεων ; τωο ειεσ due Link to be '<strong>core” for the concentration of the professional excellence of Cypriots in Greece and a body for cooperation in various fields.</strong></p>
<p>The purpose also, as he mentioned, is <strong>to create a platform – framework for discussion and exchange of views on issues of common interest </strong>and a think tank for examining, investigating and producing solutions to problems or even making recommendations to better promote the economic or other interests of Cyprus in Greece.</p>
<p>As we are informed by competent sources, <strong>the link in question will be inclusive and will serve all entrepreneurs</strong>, <strong>who are active in Greece, whether they are employees or business owners of any size.</strong></p>
<p>In next steps include the creation of a Steering Committee, which will finalize the statute, while the Board of Directors will then be established, in which the ambassador of Cyprus in Greece will participate as an observer.</p>
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