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Assurances of the President of OAU to the Health Committee for a sustainable GeSY

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Διαβεβαισε&iota ;ς Προεδρου ΟΑΥ στην Επιτροπor Υγ εiας για ενα βιoσιμο ΓεΣΥ

The assurance that with support and effort a single-insurance and sustainable General Health System will be achieved, which day by day will improve and provide more and better services to the Cypriot people, was given on Thursday to the members of the Parliament's Health Committee by the new President of the Health Insurance Organization (OHI), Stavros Michael, during his first meeting with the committee after his appointment.

Speaking before the members of the competent Committee, Mr. Michael promised that as long as will be in this position will work in this direction.   

He spoke of "a lot of problems", however, he emphasized that he is not intimidated and that he will roll up his "sleeves" and will work "for this blessing that the Cypriot people have".

As he said "we must strengthen it and make it as sustainable as we can".

He mentioned that is waiting for an invitation, so that in the next sessions of the Health Committee, he can participate in a discussion with the technocrats of the OAU in order to plan for  promotion of the solution of the problems in the NHS.

Regarding the OAU budget issue, Mr. Michael told the MPs that last week it was sent to the Ministry of Health, while it has also been notified to the Ministry of Finance.

"We have notified them, so that they can they work simultaneously. We expect them to call us to discuss their views,” he said.

He noted that “the budget is unfortunately increasing and we have to see how we will stabilize it, without reducing the services we offer to the patients».

The President of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Efthymios Diplaros, referred to the huge problem that is presented in the field of medicines and the delay in the inclusion of preparations in the NHS, asking Stavros Michael for practical solutions to the problem.

From the side the MPs reaffirmed their support to the President of the OAU, while expressing their readiness to help to smooth out the problems.

DISY Member of Parliament, Charalambos Pazaros, called it a "huge" the weight it has  shouldered by the President of the OAU, noting that «the Health Committee in its overwhelming  “majority does not work with party criteria”.

"Health does not have party criteria. We are at your disposal to help solve the problems,” he said.

AKEL Member of Parliament, Marina Nikolaou, said that her party "has put its back down and has strongly supported the initiation and implementation of the GeSY", to note that it is at the disposal of the OAU, through a constructive work, to improve the National Health Service.

"Our basic principle", he noted, "is to have a health system which is equal, qualitative and universal".

The Member of Parliament DIKO, Chrysanthos Savvidis, said that the new President of the OAU "took over  big load”, however, he expressed confidence that he will cope successfully.

"As DIKO, we will put our own piece in the puzzle to help smooth out the problems," he added.

EDEK MP, Marinos Sizopoulos, said that his party will be ready of Stavros Michail for constructive suggestions, given that he has been dealing with the NHS for many years.

The MP of DIPA, Michalis Giakoumi, referred to the abuses of the system and the enrichment of health services based on needs, in order to notes that there are two parts of the system that need improvement.

The Health Committee honored Alexandros Agrotis

Earlier, the Health Committee of the Parliament honored Alexandros Agrotis, who recovered from cancer, with the President of the Commission sending a message once again to insurance companies and reminding the right of cancer survivors to insurance.

It is recalled that Alexandros Agrotis toured Cyprus with bicycle being  627 kilometers in 23 hours. 

Source: KYPE

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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