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AstroBank increases deposit rates from the first euro of deposit

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Η AstroBank αυξàνει τα κ αταθετικεπιτoκια απo το πρoτο ε υρo καταθεσης

New 18-month Term Deposit Product with an annual interest rate of 1.50%

On increase in deposit ratesAstroBank proceeded, responding to the needs of its customers and by extension the economy.

Η AstroBank αυξàνει τα κα&tau ;αθετικεπιτoκια απo το πρoτο ευ&rho ;o καταθεσης

to existing and new customers, individuals and businesses, a fixed, preferential return on their savings from the first euro.

In particular, the Bank offers attractive interest rates on term deposits of 3, 6 and 12 months, completing the range with the term deposit of 18 months as follows, regardless of the deposit amount:       

  • 3 months with an interest rate of 0.25%
  • 6 months with an interest rate of       0.50%
  • 12 months with an interest rate of 1.20%
  • 18 months with an interest rate of 1.50%

The customer receives the interest at the maturity of the deposit and the option of automatic renewal is offered.

For more information, terms and conditions, regarding the deposit products and the revised interest rates which have come into effect from on June 8, 2023, you can contact the AstroBank branch network.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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