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At 338 the applications that received approval for ESTIA

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At 338 the applications that received approval for ESTIA

The number of applicants who received a letter of approval for joining the ESTIA Plan until the beginning of February reached 338, while 340 applications are in the approval process, according to the head of the Estia Plan at the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, Marios Savvidis.

In addition, he stated that a total of 835 loan applications for participation in ESTIA are still to be sent by the banks to the competent body of the Ministry of Labor, while he noted that around 200 applications are returned weekly to the banks because they are not completed correctly. He estimated that by the end of February the banks will have completed the submission of all applications.

According to the head of the Home Plan, by the beginning of February, the banks had sent to the Ministry of Labor 5,546 applications for inclusion in the Home Plan, out of a total of about 6,381 applications (worth about € 1.9 billion) submitted by borrowers in finance and A total of 835 applications remain to be sent by the banks to the competent body of the Ministry of Labor.

According to the data, from the beginning of January until today, the banks sent an additional 379 applications to the competent Agency of the Ministry of Labor, while during the same period the Agency sent an additional 700 letters to applicants who applied for inclusion in the Plan.

More specifically, in relation to the 5,546 applications received by his Service from the banks so far, Mr. Savvidis said that 3,473 are complete applications, 1,566 incomplete and 58 have been withdrawn, while 449 applications concern special cases, which will be sent for approval or rejection to the special committee composed of the Ministers of Finance and Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance.

In addition, the Head of Estia Plan told KYPE that to date, his Office has completed the examination process and sent around 2,380 letters to Estia Plan applicants, of which 338 concern approval letters for inclusion in the Plan and the remaining letters rejection. He added that 340 applications are currently in the approval process, in addition to the 338 that have already received a letter of final approval.

In addition, he stated that a total of 679 applications for inclusion in the Home will be sent to the Ministry of Finance for further handling, adding that of these, 585 applications are financially unsustainable borrowers and eligible for the Plan, while 94 applications are for loans that underwent restructuring before implementation. of the design.

Regarding the 94 applications, Mr. Savvidis explained that the Home Plan does not provide for loans that were restructured before the implementation of the Plan and the Ministry of Finance intends to examine these cases separately.

Mr. Savvidis also said that it is a difficult process because several details of the applicant will have to be confirmed and noted that nine organizations are involved in this process.

“This difficulty is also evident from the large number of applications that are returned back to the participating banks to be corrected due to incorrect completion of the application and which amount to around 200, per week,” he concluded.

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