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At 80% occupancy of the hotels during the three days of the Flood

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    The province of Paphos and the free province of Famagusta have the most beds and will host the most Cypriot visitors

    At 80% the fullness of hotel accommodations throughout Cyprus is expected during the three-day of the Cataclysm. have the most beds will host the most Cypriot visitors. When asked about this, the President of the All Cyprus Association of Hoteliers stated that domestic tourism is important but cannot differentiate the situation in terms of occupancy because the domestic visitor's stay is short and for a few days.

    In addition he noted that the season of 2023 – 2024 is expected to move at lower levels, than last year, and specifically, as he said, with a decrease of 5%-10% in occupancy rate.

    The President of PASYXE Cyprus characterized very important bookings that are made at the last minute, stating that this is very positive because it somewhat reduces the difference.

    The scepters he continued, still has the English market without however moving at the desired rates. He also pointed out that the problem with the war in Israel and Ukraine has affected some flights and has reduced the tourist flow to and from Cyprus.

    In relation to the employment of people from third countries, Mr. Michailidis stated that the procedures have improved and processing is faster. However, we would like to see continuous improvement, he concluded.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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