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At least 44,265 people died from Covid-19 in September in Russia

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At least 44,265 people died from Covid-19 in September in Russia

At least 44,265 people died in Russia in September from the coronavirus and related causes, bringing the death toll to about 462,000 since the pandemic began, according to data released today by state statistics agency Rosstat.

That number was down from a maximum of 51,044 deaths in July, although infections and deaths began to rise again in the second half of September and have hit record highs this month, leading authorities to reintroduce stricter health restrictions.

The total number of deaths due to the coronavirus announced by Rosstat is almost double the number of 236,220 that was released earlier today by the government body responsible for the treatment of the coronavirus.

The authorities attribute this discrepancy to the numbers in that the competent body reports deaths due to coronavirus on a daily basis that do not need additional confirmation from the medical examiners, while Rosstat publishes complete data on a monthly basis.

Some epidemiologists say that measuring excessive mortality is the best way to estimate the number of deaths during a pandemic.

Based on the new data, Reuters estimated that the number of deaths in Russia between April 2020 and September 2021 exceeded 632,000 compared to the average mortality rate in the period 2015-2019.

The Russian authorities attribute the recent outbreak in Russia to the most viral Delta mutation and the reluctance of people to get the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.


Source: politis.com.cy

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