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At the meeting table the institutional framework for the cameras in Makariou

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At the meeting table the institutional framework for the cameras in Makariou

Recent reports and reactions from organizations, citizens and part of the business world, in relation to the project of renovation of Makarios Avenue in Nicosia, pushed the municipality and the Police to clarify once again that the plan will not change. They have repeatedly stressed that the approval given for the one-way and free passage of vehicles from the renovated central boulevard is a temporary measure. In order for the plans to proceed, however, it is necessary to create the institutional framework for the operation of the photo-labeling system.

A meeting is imminent

With its recent announcements, the municipality of Nicosia, responding to reports and voices of reaction, had issued an announcement, in relation to the photo-labeling system. In it, he stated that “it is crucial that the competent Ministries (of Transport and Justice) proceed immediately with the creation of the required institutional framework, so that the control system of the entry of authorized cars provided by the photo-marking system and is an integral part of the original design, which is already available and in full readiness by the Municipality of Nicosia, to be put into operation “.

As politis.com.cy is duly informed, in the coming days a meeting will take place between the Ministries of Transport (and its services) and Justice, in the presence of the Union of Municipalities. The purpose of the meeting is to prepare the amendments to the existing legislation for the northern part of Makarios Avenue.

Letter to the Police

A well-informed source told us that the municipality of Nicosia sent a written request to the Police for the immediate solution of the problem of policing in northern Makarios. Specifically, the Police was asked to provide members who will supervise the entry of vehicles on the boulevard, the speed limit of 20 kilometers per hour and the use of the bus lane, with the costs of their overtime being borne by the municipality itself. In fact, he suggested the purchase of the photo-marking system for monitoring the speed limit and its immediate installation, again with money from its coffers.

The same sources also mentioned on our website that the municipality of Nicosia, a few days ago, addressed again to the competent ministries, asking them to proceed with the procedures for the preparation of the institutional framework, so that it is ready and, upon completion. of the second base of the renovation project, to automatically install the photo-marking system for the control of entrance and exit on the boulevard.

Source: politis.com.cy

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