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At the mercy of God, the nuns of Kormakitis-“They don't have hot water for bathing”

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Στο ελεος του &Theta ;εοΝ οι καλογριΕς του ΚορμακΙτη-&laquo

The problems faced by those trapped in the Maronite villages and especially the nuns located in the occupied Kormakitis seem to be enough, since the monastery they are housed in is at the mercy of God, without even having hot water to bathe in. Additionally, the occupied village of the Maronites faces a serious problem with the water supply and as everything shows, if immediate repairs are not made, there is a risk that the entire village will remain without water. 

The miserable situation in which the nuns of the village live was confirmed before the Refugee Committee by the president of the Maronite School Tax Office, Mr. Koumettos, who noted that “they don't even have hot water for the nuns to bathe. We are talking for repairs worth 2,500 euros. The abbess said that if they are not repaired immediately, they will all leave Kormakitis to live in Limassol, which we do not want to happen”.  

Moreover, the chairman of the Commission, Nikos Kettiros, was also particularly strong, who emphasized that “it is ridiculous for such an amount, amounting to 2,500 euros, to discuss such things. We consider that there are particularities among those trapped in the Maronite camps and we do not we have to leave things behind. I have a letter for the place where the nuns of the monastery live in Kormakitis, for 2,500 euros and this amount is not approved by the Ministry of the Interior. It's a shame…”. 

For its part, the Office of the Commissioner, assured through Mr. Georgios, that the issue is going to be resolved with the 2,500 euros, just like the problem faced by the nuns in Kormakitis. 

He was waiting for the operation of the school in Kormakitis

Another important issue that arises and was raised before the Committee is the reopening of the kindergarten and primary school in Kormakitis, since while there are considerations for it to operate in September 2023, however, to date there has been no decision from the Council of Ministers to the commencement of the operation of the said school. 

The representative of the Maronites in the House of Representatives, Giannakis Mousas, was concerned about the issue of the reopening of the school, who, as he said, “we were told that there is a decision, but unfortunately there is no decision on the reopening of the school. We met with the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, but unfortunately until today I have no information about the Ministry's decision. We have to equip the school, as we cannot put students alone in the classrooms”.

At the same time, Mr. Mousas spoke about the serious problem that arose with the issue of water supply in the occupied village of Kormakitis, where there is a great risk that the residents will remain without water. “For 15 years everything was fine, but now there are signs that the village will run out of water and we will have other issues and serious problems”. 

Taking the floor, the president of the Maronite School Tax Office, Mr. Koumettou, confirmed the fact that there is no information to date from the state, whether the school in Kormakitis will operate next September. “The timetables are very tight and we have nothing official so far. Regarding the community building, we want a professional study because our building is not doing well. Also, for the water supply, the city authorities estimate a cost of 85,000 euros to make the repair in Kormakitis. The private spring that we rent and supplies the village is about to dry up”.

However, on the part of the Ministry of Education, it was said before the Refugee Committee that instructions have already been given to make the proposal to the Ministry regarding the reopening of the school, as a special team has already been created for coordination. “There will be a costing of the project and we have various considerations to get a statement from the parents. We will proceed with the actions, so that the school in Kormakitis will be operational from September”, assured a representative of the Ministry.  

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