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At the printing office the ballots, colors, preference crosses and where you vote. 6.6 million the cost

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    Useful information about the upcoming elections on June 9 – The cost and process – What the Assistant General Election Commissioner Menelaos Vassiliou reports in Cyprus Times June for the nomination of the Authorities of Local Government and Members of School Boards, as well as the nomination of Members of the European Parliament.

    Speaking to the Cyprus Times the Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Menelaos Vassiliou noted that ballots are printedand more specifically in this period of time they are in the community printing stage. “We are also continuing with the distribution of voters to the polling stations, as well as informing the staff who will work and training, so that everything runs smoothly,” he said. p>

    As regards the total cost of the elections, Mr. Vassiliou noted that this amounts to 6,650,000 eurosincluding employee payments, the purchase of equipment, printing, etc.

    Specifically on the same day, eight different electoral contests will be held at the same time for the promotion:

    1. Members of the European Parliament, who are elected at the Cypriot level.
    2. Presidents of District Self-Government Organizations, who are elected at the District level.
    3. Mayors, who are elected at the Municipality level.
    4. Deputy Mayors, which are elected at the Municipal Apartment level.
    5. Municipal Councilors, elected at the Municipal Apartment level.
    6. School Board Members, elected at the Municipality level.
    7. Community Leaders, elected at the Community level.
    8. Community Members Councils, elected at Community level.

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<p><strong>Distribution of Voters to Polling Stations</strong></p>
<p>For voting purposes, each voter is allocated to a specific polling station. It is noted that for the elections for Local Government Authorities, the <strong>displaced voters</strong> vote both based on their place of residence and based on their place of origin.</p>
<p>Therefore, the the voters in question are also allocated to a second electoral center where they can vote for the Local Government Authorities of the occupied or semi-occupied Municipality or Community from which they come.</p>
<p>Asked whether there will be a problem with the <strong>displaced</strong> as they vote in different centers and possibly some will have second thoughts if they move from one center to another, he said that it is a process that has always been done and this will be followed this year as well, however an effort is being made to be in close proximity.</p>
<p>In a question about the <strong>disabled</strong>and whether all the appropriate measures were taken and the necessary arrangements were made so that they could have unhindered access to the polling stations, he explained that “inspections were carried out by prefects in each province and we requested a list from <strong>OPAK</strong> so that once the centers to confirm the space so that it is accessible. Special voting booths for people in wheelchairs will definitely be installed,” he added.</p>
<p><strong>Where and What do I vote</strong></p>
<p><strong>Click here to visit the service's page :</strong> <strong>Where & What I Vote</strong>and enter your details to find out the polling station(s) at which you will be voting in the upcoming election on 9 June 2024, the electoral contests in which you are entitled to vote, and<strong>the number of preference crosses</strong> in each of them.</p>
<p><p><img decoding=Source: cyprustimes.com

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