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ATA skyrockets the salaries of officials

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Who gets a price tag even in performance bonuses that since 2018 have almost doubled

Η ΑΤΑ εκτοξεyει τουσ μισ θοyς αξιωματοyχων

The signing of an agreement for ATA on 28/07/2017, in addition to marking the restart of the institution, also marked the jump in officials' salaries. However, in addition to the high salaries they receive and the ATA that is added, the figures of the general accounting show that some officials receive a price tag, even in the performance allowances. Salary increases for officials are generally notable in 2024 as well, with ATA having played a pivotal role. Firstly, in 2023 inflation was high, at 3.9% and secondly, it was decided in April 2023 to increase the ATA payment from 50% to 66.7%. It is a fact that ATA is paid once a year on the condition that there is a positive growth rate in the second and third quarters of the previous year and that its yield amounts – now – to 66.7% of the annual increase in the consumer price index . What is worth focusing on, however, is how much the salary of officials increases due to ATA applied to the performance allowances they receive, putting an icing on the cake on the big picture.

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