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“Attachment Protocol”: Another step of controlling T/Cs

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In mid-April last year, Turkey and Turkey signed a new economic co-operation protocol, which is essential for supporting the Turkish Cypriots. The political crisis due to the problems of forming a new “government” of the occupying regime and in order not to provoke further reactions the agreement was left in the drawers. Since the signing of the Economic Protocol on April 14, it was published on the night of Friday, May 20, which proves the goal set primarily by Turkey.

The next day the Turkish Cypriot newspapers (source Cyprus/GTP) recorded the main “articles” of the 53-page protocol. It is clear from this document that Turkey has not prepared a protocol of financial support to the Turkish Cypriots as they and the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community claim. This is a protocol for the annexation of the occupied territories through the economic exploitation of the Turkish Cypriots. & Nbsp;

From an economic point of view, the protocol includes donations of 3.2 billion Turkish lira (around 181 million euros) and provides loans of 1.050 billion Turkish lira (around 60 million euros). It is noted that the loans are provided in US dollars. & Nbsp;

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The leader of the Turkish Cypriots, as well as many other leaders in the Turkish Cypriot community, claim at every opportunity that with the presence of Turkey in the occupied territories, there is “security and freedom”. Security is known to be ensured through the strong military presence of Turkey and in terms of freedoms they may have to start to see it differently because according to the protocol (source Cyprus/GTP) there is a clause that leads directly to further restrictions on the freedoms of Turkish Cypriots. & nbsp; More specifically with the implementation of the protocol: & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ensure that religious services are provided more effectively under one roof in an “institutional framework” within “state legal personality”. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Necessary measures will be taken, including “legal arrangements”, to prevent the political and ideological activities of the guilds that go beyond the purpose of their establishment, other than trade union activities.

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In matters relating to the exercise of the right of assembly and demonstration, arrangements will be made for compensation for damage caused to private or “public” property by exceeding the exercise of these rights. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The financial structure of the “electricity authority” (“KIV-TEK”) will be reviewed and restructured. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The privatization of the “national lottery” and the ports will be evaluated. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Currency usage in the TRNC and foreign exchange dependence will be reduced. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The use of TL, which is the national currency, and national payment systems will be widespread.

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Infrastructure and other services will be completed to prepare Varosi for everyday use. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It will be ensured that the “citizens of the TRNC” will benefit from the Turkish Individual Pension System and the Automatic Participation System.

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Conditions that require a local partner to invest in occupied foreign investors will be reduced and the necessary capital will be reduced. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; Restrictions on the acquisition of property (by foreigners) will be reduced. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The electricity sector in the occupied territories will be rebuilt. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Electricity generation, transmission and distribution will be developed.

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; “Citizenship” Concession Facility

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Effective cooperation will be achieved against misinformation on all communication platforms and especially on social media. & nbsp;

⦁ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The “legal arrangements” will be made to facilitate the conditions in relation to the granting of “citizenship” in order to “strengthen mutual cooperation”.

In addition to the above, the attempt to strengthen the “Turkish identity” among the Turkish Cypriots is obvious. Emphasis is placed on the element of religion but also on human origins. In particular, the protocol provides for “further strengthening of ties in all areas arising from common historical, cultural, linguistic, religious and spiritual values ​​and the achievement of sustainable economic and social development, the” two countries “will act with a strategic vision, which provides for the continuation and strengthening of cooperation in the fields of defense, security and foreign policy, ensures the most efficient use of underground and above-ground natural resources, as well as economic and human resources, in the interests of the “two countries”; the technical infrastructure of the “country”, increases the volume of Turkish trade – “TRNC” and production possibilities, expands the use of IT within the “TRNC” and in bilateral trade and ensures the provision of assistance to the “TRNC” based on efficiency and productivity “.

It is also envisaged that” restoration work will be carried out to to undermine the imprints of the Ottoman Empire on the island in order to strengthen the Turkish presence. “& nbsp;

The aim, as stated, is to strengthen the common historical, cultural and social ties of the two sides by overcoming the misinformation that is widely used by third countries and non-governmental organizations and targets the historical, cultural and geographical ties of Turkey-TRNC relations and among their citizens.

& gt; & gt; REACTIONS TO THE OCCUPIED: Opposition leader Genius Duzen (source in the PWP), in two posts on May 22 and 23, wondered if “it was economic and budgetary cooperation or delivery cooperation” and noted that many instructions had been given in the short term. The protocol envisages the restructuring of the “presidency of religious affairs” by November 2022, the immediate taking of measures to restrict the activities of trade unions and the facilitation of the granting of “citizenship” within May 2022, etc. & nbsp;

Although the Turkish Cypriot leader claims in his speeches that there is a “separate state” in the occupied territories, what is being attempted now, according to the leader of the opposition left-wing Turkish Republican Party, Tufan Erhurman, is the opposite. In the first reaction, he spoke of a “protocol of abandonment of the will” of the Turkish Cypriots to govern themselves, to stand on their own two feet, to have “institutional structure”, to achieve the development of the “country” with a plan, to protect fundamental rights. and their freedoms, to keep businessmen, shopkeepers, and public and private sector employees afloat, and to build good relations with Turkey on the right footing.

Kutret Ozersay (leader of the People's Party) who joined the opposition notes & nbsp; that while the “agreement” states that it is a non-negotiable goal for Turkey to protect the existence of the Turkish Cypriots and the continuation of the “TRNC”, but if one looks its content is full of “articles” that oppose this fundamental goal. Ozersay predicts that their relations with Turkey will deteriorate further due to some “articles” and the philosophy of the agreement. And this has nothing to do with the imposition of economic measures but with all the restrictions imposed on rights and freedoms. & Nbsp;

A journey that did not leave anything special behind

Turkish officials are not used to keeping their mouths shut, especially when it comes to regional issues. And while there was a lot of noise about Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu's “historic trip” to Israel, the Turkish Foreign Minister during his return trip made sure to speak to the journalists who accompanied him about the Aegean and the demilitarization of the Greek islands. & Nbsp;

Towards the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister to Israel, Ankara tried to create the image of the return of relations to their previous state. But it seems that they still have a long way to go. And this is shown by two important events: the absence of an agreement on the ambassadors and the cancellation of the visit of the Turkish Minister of Energy that would take place at the same time. & Nbsp;

On the issue of mutual appointment of ambassadors, Tsavousoglu limited himself to saying that they will see it again when Jair Lapid visits Ankara. As for energy in Turkey, all that was said was that the issue would be included in the agenda at a later stage and after the harmonization of diplomatic relations.

Source: www.philenews.com

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