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Attempt to mislead public opinion by the EAC

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Προσπαθεια παραπλανησης τη&sigmaf ; κοινorς γνoμης απo την ΑΗΚ

EAC's recent statement that it supports the operation of a genuine, distortion-free and deregulated competitive electricity market is misleading. What EAC really seeks over time is to undermine and ultimately cancel the process of transition to the competitive electricity market in order to maintain its dominant position.

We invite the EAC to reflect on the heavy responsibilities it bears for a number of issues related to electricity, such as:

  • The ineffective and timely development of transmission and distribution systems, with result in hindering the further penetration of RES into the energy mix.
  • The delay in the arrival of natural gas (NG) in Cyprus due to its persistent refusal in 2007 to accept the importation of Liquefied Natural Gas via FSRU, while today it participates in ETYFA which develops infrastructure for the importation of Liquefied Natural Gas via FSRU, as a result of which consumers are burdened with several millions euros due to passing on to them the additional cost of pollutants.
  • The untimely installation of small and flexible electricity production units to facilitate the isolated and small electricity system of Cyprus, resulting in unwanted cuts of green energy.< /li>
  • The destruction of national wealth by forest fires due to the inappropriate infrastructure (cables and roads) that he designs and installs in the transmission and distribution systems.

We refer the EAC to the recent report of the European Commission on Cyprus in which there is an explicit reference to its weak governance (weak governance) which discourages the green transition. We also call on EAC to inform the public about the overcharging of electricity consumption bills, according to a recent decision of CERA. Apparently, the EAC's position for lax regulation is aimed at killing off competitive businesses and exploiting consumers.

Unfortunately for EAC, the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry's plans to grant aid in relation to electricity storage facilities require approval from the European Commission. We will wait to see if the provision that imposes the obligation to cooperate with the EAC of those RES producers who will join the said plan and the lack of free choice of supplier is compatible with the legal framework that governs the granting of state aid and/or more generally the rules of competition.

Finally, we wait with interest for the EAC to clarify its position regarding whether it disagrees with the provision that imposes the obligation to contract exclusively with it those RES producers who join the plans of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry for the granting of aid regarding the electricity storage facilities in view of its claim that it has no benefit but costs from the said contracts with independent producers.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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