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Atterbury Europe: The sustainability vision for the proposed Mall of Limassol

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Water saving, use of RES, waste management system at the center of the company for development in Limassol

Atterbury Europe: Το οραμα βιωσιμωτητ ας για το προτεινoμενο Mall of Limassol

Atterbury Europe has plans to make the most of the abundant sunshine that exists in Cyprus by installing photovoltaic systems.

Looking to delve deeper into the sustainable ethos of the proposed Mall of Limassol, we speak to Atterbury Europe's Head of Development in Europe Mr Roux Gerber and Director of Development Projects for Cyprus Mr Polly Tsiartziazi to explore how this grand vision aligns with a greener future.

Sustainability is not just a slogan for Atterbury Europe, but the vital essence of its development strategy, for the proposed Mall of Limassol. “This is about securing a future for generations to come,” states Mr. Gerber, emphasizing the importance of it being a sustainability-certified development rather than just checking a box. >” he explains. As Cyprus must comply with the European Union's strict sustainability regulations, the project is not only a reflection of Atterbury Europe's principles, but also aligns with the European Union's wider directives on energy efficiency and environmental management.< /p>

Atterbury Europe: Το oραμα βιωσιμoτητας για το προτεινόμενο Mall of Limassol

Mr. Tsiartziazis emphasizes the importance of implementing sustainable practices, recognizing the environmental price brought about by technological developments. “A shift towards sustainability is no longer an option – it is an imperative in all aspects of life, in an effort to control the further negative effects of our actions and the subsequent consequences for future generations“.< /p>

In addition, sustainability practices are a key element, from the initial planning stage to execution, for any future project in Cyprus, as in many other parts of the world. There are, for example, incentives in the development permission process that encourage the applicant to apply sustainability principles to the design and operation of the proposed development“, he says. From the initial stages, Atterbury Europe and its team of Consultants have carefully studied and inoculated the project with sustainable measures and practices throughout the design, to achieve the best possible result in providing a sustainable solution and to ensure that the proposed Mall of Limassol will be a model of responsible development.

 Atterbury Europe: Το oραμα βιωσιμoτητας για το προτεινόμενο Mall of Limassol

Mr. Tsiartziazis pointed out that a responsible approach does not necessarily mean a more expensive solution. “When all parties involved in the process are unanimously committed to supporting a sustainable approach, miracles can be done within the framework of the intended planning process” he continues.

Mr. Gerber added that it is important to ensure that sustainability practices are applied throughout the life cycle of a development, i.e. from design to construction and operation of the integrated development.

Therefore, the team explores various key elements of sustainability within the development life cycle, including energy efficient design that minimizes thermal energy losses and the incorporation of high performance building material solutions. “Our aim is to keep the carbon footprint of the development to a minimum by reducing the energy (heat) losses of the building and in particular the heat transfer between the inside and outside of the building by using a high performance building envelope, which mainly concerns the outer shell (eg walls, ceiling, windows and doors). In addition, provision was made for shading elements and equipment and materials were specified with specific certified energy efficiency criteria“, explains Mr. Tsiartziazis.

In addition to creating an efficient building envelope to prevent (heat) loss or energy transfer, Atterbury Europe has planned to make the most of the abundant sunshine available in Cyprus by installing photovoltaic (PV) systems to generate renewable energy, for additional energy use in the shopping center. In addition, the project will promote green energy transport options, such as bike lanes, ample bike parking and electric vehicle charging stations. A number of public bus stops are also available around and within walking distance of the development to facilitate additional public transport options.

The incorporation of landscaped spaces into proposed new development is not only a requirement of the permitting process, but will also be a major attraction for customers and residents, promoting a friendly/natural environment that enhances the community. “Sustainable landscapes not only respond to environmental regeneration, but actively contribute to the development of healthy communities by providing open green spaces to sequester carbon, provide clean air and water, increase energy efficiency, restore habitats and create social value for the community in a calm open environment“, emphasizes Mr. Tsiartziazis.

The water savingis another important priority for Atterbury Europe, having in its plan the adoption of water saving mechanisms and systems and the investigation of alternative water sources, to safeguard the precious water reserves of Cyprus. Mr. Tsiartziazis clarifies: “Protecting dwindling natural resources, such as clean drinking water, is of utmost importance, especially for Cyprus, where it is considered the most priceless natural resource. To maintain potable water during the operational phase of the proposed development, we plan to meter all water flows to mitigate the risk of unaccounted for losses as much as possible. We are also planning to install low flow and systemsautomations, to reduce water consumption during use and we will explore alternative sources of water (eg greywater and/or rainwater) for reuse in development. In addition, we intend to select plant species with high drought tolerance to minimize irrigation requirements while maintaining a beautiful green space..

Atterbury Europe: Το oραμα βιωσιμoτητας για το προτεινόμενο Mall of Limassol

In the operational phase, the proposed mall will adopt a strong waste management policy. “An effective waste management system will be implemented to reduce waste ending up in landfills and contribute to a circular economy by reusing and recycling materials back into industry “, confirms Mr. Tsiartziazis.

Atterbury Europe's commitment to implementing sustainable practices for the proposed Mall of Limassol, is proof of its dedication, not only to meeting today's needs, but also to maintaining environmental integrity for the future. It is a bold step to create a sustainable legacy in the heart of Cyprus.

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