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Australia's McIntyre is investigating the allegations against Anastasiades

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Η Αυστραλor ΜακΙ ;νταιρ διερευνα τις καταγγελΙες κατα Αναστασιαδη

In the person of an international career expert from Australia, the Independent Anti-Corruption Authority found the right person to investigate the allegations concerning the former President of the Republic. strong>

The reason for the experienced lawyer, Gabrielle Louise McIntyre, who came to Cyprus and agreed to undertake the investigation into what is attributed to Nikos Anastasiadis, in the book of the journalist/researcher Makarios Drousiotis “Mafia State”. The case was brought before the Anti-Corruption Authority during the last pre-election period by the candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis.

The Authority had previously been entrusted to Greek lawyers. However, there had been difficulty in entering into an agreement with them to undertake the role of inspection and investigation officer in the case. However, when the author of the book informed last November that his work will also be translated into English, the field of the anti-corruption body expanded, as it became possible to find lawyers from abroad.

In the context of the relevant exploratory contacts outside Cyprus, a proposal was made for the specific legal entity and after her case was first evaluated and the preliminary contacts were made, a meeting was arranged in Cyprus to agree on the final details. Opera and it happened in the previous days.

It should be noted that already before the final agreement with the Authority, Mrs. McIntyre had read the book in English and declared her willingness to take over as the head of the investigation of the case< /strong>and the examination of whether there is an issue of corruption or irreconcilability for the former President.

As “F” is informed, her earnings are expected to reach 800 euros for each working day, while her work will be assisted by three Greek Cypriot lawyers.

Ms McIntyre is characterized as an expert in international legal practice, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, human rights law and administrative law. He participated internationally in various committees and bodies. It is indicative that he was president of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Committee of the Seychelles.

The issues to be investigated concern, among others, the Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev and what happened in Cyprus after his divorce last one. In the book, the role of a large law firm and its relationship with the then President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, was highlighted, curious parliamentary processes to amend legislation, court rulings favoring the Russian oligarch and capital transfers. In November 2022, Mr. Anastasiadis, with his written position on the Mavroyiannis complaint, had expressed “satisfaction because the complaint to the Authority will provide an opportunity to investigate the slanderous claims and lies of a third party which, unfortunately, for petty political expediencies led Mr. Mavroyiannis to the specific complaint”.

Meanwhile, the Transparency Commissioner and head of the Authority, Haris Pogiatzis, had a meeting in the middle of last month with the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis. The first raised the issue of promoting an amending bill to convert the Authority into a Public Law legal entity. The Authority considers that with this specific change, it will become more flexible as it will choose partners from the public sector and will avoid time-consuming procedures that stand in the way of its work. The Authority's requests have also been sent in writing to the Presidency since 1/18.

Source: www.philenews.com

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