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Authorization to the Board of Directors to take dynamic measures was given by the General Assembly of the All-Cypriot Union “ISOTITA”

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Authorization to the Board of Directors to take dynamic measures was given by the General Assembly of the All-Cypriot Union EQUALITY

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The General Assembly of the All-Cypriot Trade Union ISOTITA, which met on Thursday, decided to authorize the Board of Directors to take a decision to hold protest events and to take dynamic measures, for the purpose of achieving various labor issues raised by the Assembly.

The issues for which measures will be taken concern the permanence of permanent employees, the restoration of the salary of public employees and the wider public sector to the point where it would have been if the granting of increments had not been suspended for five consecutive years, the termination of the reduction of various allowances by 15%, the full restoration of the ATA in the salaries of employees, in order to effectively cover the rapid increase in the cost of living and the termination of the application of the measure of the reduction of the amount of the statutory pension by 0.5% for each month which is included in the time period from the date of the start of the benefit until the date of reaching the age of 65 (a total of 12% if the employee retires from the age of 63), for the cases of employees with at least 33 years of service.

< p>According to an announcement by the Guild, the Assembly also decided to adopt the changes to the Statute proposed by the Board of Directors. According to the changes, members of the Guild will be able to register as employed or self-employed in the Private Sector. Also, the total number of Board members from a Ministry or Organization will not exceed 4, from the same Department or Service there will be up to 3 members, while from the Private Sector the Board members will be up to 2. Furthermore, it was decided that the number of members of the Branch Councils of the Guild will be from 3 to 11 and that the subscription becomes mandatory and will be 5 per thousand and it will be possible to pay it in various ways.

The Assembly also decided, in the context change of its Statute, that the decisions of the Union's Bodies may be taken by electronic means and that the Union will be renamed from the “All-Cypriot Union of Employed, Self-Employed, Fixed-Term and Permanent Contract Workers (EQUITY)” to the All-Cypriot Union of EQUALITY.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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